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Blake Bos

Blake Bos


The Motley Fool's industrials analyst, I specialize in 3-D printing and also do my best to stay up-to-date in the fields of robotics and oceanic transportation. Follow me on Twitter, Google+, and/or Facebook below for the most important 3-D printing industry developments and other great stories.

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The ExOne Co reports earnings this coming Wednesday, and with a sky-high valuation, any surprises could cause big moves. The Motley Fool breaks down the 3 key areas investors should focus on here.

The All-New 3D Systems Sense 3D Scanner: An Incredible Breakthrough at $399

3D Systems launched the Sense today, its first 3D scanner geared towards entry level consumers. If this product can deliver what it promises, it is an incredible achievement for the company at $399.

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Stratasys earnings were reported early Thursday morning, and the results were well received by Wall Street. Shares rose early, but investors should focus on the fundamentals, and the five key areas from the company's results.