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Richard Saintvilus

Richard Saintvilus


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Microsoft's Leadership Is Still Failing

I value Microsoft’s influence on tech, but I'd love the company more if it were under new management that could change directions.

Can Apple Really Get Worse Before It Gets Better?

By reducing expectations for this coming quarter, Munster has done Apple a favor.

Why Investors Should Love Yahoo!'s Deal for Summly

I think Roger Kay is still prejudging Yahoo!'s deal for Summly on the basis of the company's past, which is unfair. Or in this case, is just dumb.

Can F5 Deliver on High Expectations?

Plus, with Cisco and Fortinet performing so well, F5's performance has to really stand out. Unfortunately, this is a situation where Modoff just might have set the bar too high.

Sell BlackBerry Ahead of Earnings

Investors should be prepared for what the company will reveal about the success of its new flagship product.

Can Micron Hold On to Its Momentum?

With continued margin and cash flow improvements, as well as better diversification, there's still a lot of value here.

Can New Leadership Unlock Riverbed's Value?

Despite the recent punishment, shares are still too expensive.

Did Oracle Just Signal an Earnings Miss for Red Hat?

The good news for Red Hat is that growth has not slowed. But there's a first time for everything, and this quarter might be that time.

Adobe's No Longer in Transition

As long as Creative Suite continues to soar in adoption and the company continues to post strong deferred revenue numbers, Adobe will still be a great name for investors looking for solid growth in tech.

The Wait Continues for Jabil Circuit

Second-quarter results were disappointing, yes. But based on projected fiscal 2014 estimates of $2.77 per share, which pushes the P/E lower to 6, Jabil is worth the gamble.

Is Cisco Really in Danger?

Based on cash flow projections and sales trends, which includes 22% aggregate growth in services, this stock is worth at least $30 per share.

Why Can't Microsoft Catch a Break?

Microsoft is never going to be Apple or Google. But the company is not a dog, either.

Oracle Stumbles but Deserves Forgiveness

Oracle is now giving opportunistic investors a second change to buy. It's too good to pass up.

Can Fortinet Hold Its Momentum?

Fortinet's long term revenue growth has shown no meaningful signs of slowing down and neither has cash flow.

Can Juniper Ever Prove the Doubters Wrong?

If Juniper can effectively synergies it recent acquisitions, while also making fundamental improvements, there may be some life.

Can New Products and Better Focus Drive Broadcom?

As long as cash flow continues to rise in the mid- to single-digit range, Broadcom's stock can command a fair value at $40.

These Are Pivotal Times for EMC

While these are certainly pivotal times for EMC, it just might have become crucial for one of its chief rivals.

It's "Gut-Check" Time for Check Point

I didn't exactly paint a great picture for Check Point. But there are still some opportunities here.

Brocade's Doing Well, but Needs Better Catalysts

As long as Brocade continues to grow long-term free cash flow, and make modest market share gain in its core business, the stock should do well.

Can Oracle Hold Its Momentum?

Even though shares are currently at their 52-week high, I believe the stock's still cheap.