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Reuben Gregg Brewer

Reuben Gregg Brewer


Reuben Gregg Brewer believes dividends are a window into a company's soul. He tries to invest in good souls.

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Why Tronox Holdings Stock Jumped 10% Today

Shares of this specialty chemical company bounced after some good news... and bad news.

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Why AMC Entertainment Stock Rocketed 25% at the Open Today

Shares of the struggling movie theater operator took off, but at what cost?

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2 Steel Stocks That Have a Killer Advantage

These two U.S. steel companies do things a little differently than their main peers, and it's a good thing.

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Does Gladstone Capital Belong in Your Portfolio?

Gladstone Capital is a lender that gives investors a chance to play alongside Wall Street's big dogs. But is it right for your portfolio?

19_03_08 Two hands holding blocks spelling out the words RISK and REWARD  _GettyImages-1130220143

My Best Oil Stock for 2021

The energy industry is in a state of flux, so it pays to hedge your bets. That's exactly what I did with this oil stock.

20_06_29 A mother and a daughter at a mall _GettyImages-520258375

1 Question Simon Property Group Needs to Answer

This mall REIT has one big issue ahead of it, and how it handles it will help determine how well its business performs for years to come.

20_11_24 A woman with offshore oil rigs in the background _GettyImages-1215049822

Why Oceaneering Intl., GasLog, Occidental, and Patterson-UTI Energy All Rallied Strongly Today

It looks like there's been a major shift in investor sentiment. There's the easy story and the longer one.

20_04_28 Three women with bags shopping in an outdoor retail area _GettyImages-1131097418

Why Macerich, Tanger Outlet Centers, Seritage, and Pennsylvania REIT Rallied Today

Shares of mall landlords took off today. It looks like investors are starting to realize that the worst could be over.

20_04_30 A man walking up a stairwell between multiple energy storage tanks _GettyImages-492623170

Why Shares of Golar LNG, Enterprise Products Partners, SM Energy, Occidental, and Core Labs Rallied Today

The energy markets got a shock, and it rippled across the entire industry landscape. There are lessons here.

17_10_24 A liquified natural gas LNG tanker at sea _GettyImages-823507470

Why Centennial Resource Development, Range Resources, Southwest Energy, and Antero Resources Rallied Today

Energy prices rose notably in early trading, but natural gas really excited investors.

20_04_24 Two women in the front seat of a roller coaster _GettyImages-614403620

Why Antero Resources Stock Rose as Much as 12% Today

The energy driller announced some financial plans and investors were relieved to hear the news.

17_10_05 A gloved hand holding a silver bar _GettyImages-486011876

Why Endeavour Silver, Silvercorp Metals, Coeur Mining, and Helca Mining Plunged Today

It was a bad day for precious metals, and silver took the bigger hit. But the big story here is more complicated than it looks.

20_11_24 A woman in a movie theater eating popcorn _GettyImages-1181742605

3 Things to Expect From AMC in 2021

The giant movie theatre chain had a terrible year in 2020. Here are three things to look out for in 2021. But be warned, it won't be pretty.

20_05_13 A man visibly upset with computer screens with stock charts on them in the background _GettyImages-1130771131

Can Federal Realty Bounce Back in 2021?

The coronavirus is still an issue, so 2021 won't be great. But it will likely be better than 2020.

20_04_28 Three women with bags shopping in an outdoor retail area _GettyImages-1131097418

Can Tanger Factory Outlet Centers Bounce Back in 2021?

Tanger's real estate portfolio was hit hard last year, and 2021 could be another difficult year -- even in a best-case scenario.

20_12_03 A family on a rollercoaster with their arms in the air _GettyImages-dv801006

Why Six Flags, Tanger, and AMC All Gained Double Digits Today

Investors were in a buying mood, particularly with regard to companies that got hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic.

17_08_02 A steel worker in a foundry with molten steel pouring from a vessel _GettyImages-489756984

Why United States Steel Stock Rocketed 18% Today

The iconic steelmaker got a shot in the arm from Georgia voting, which could translate into increased demand.

18_02_01 Two people looking at blueprints at a construction site _GettyImages-680217570

Why Summit Materials Stock Jumped 12% in Early Trading Today

The construction industry supplier got a boost from an analyst call that sees good things ahead for the stock.

19_09_10 A marijuana leaf in a shopping cart over a credit card and cash _GettyImages-1011163448

Why Innovative Industrial Properties Rose 19% in December

Innovative Industrial continues to execute well despite the coronavirus headwinds.

20_05_08 A woman looking at sneakers in a store _GettyImages-619960812

Why Hibbett Sports Stock Jumped 12% in December

The sporting goods retailer's stock had a nice advance, backed by its quarterly earnings update and vaccine news.