William Bias

William Bias


William has been a stock market enthusiast since 1992.

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The Hub which is jointly owned by Hasbro and Discovery could do well by following in the footsteps of Walt Disney and Time Warner in creating a live action TV series based on Hasbro's popular line of toys.

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Monster Beverage trounces Red Bull and PepsiCo and moves to a No. 1 spot in the energy drink market in many areas but it still faces challenges as a company and an investment.

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Coca-Cola's publicly traded Western European bottler Coca Cola Enterprises continues to face headwinds from high European unemployment however, it may represent a long term turnaround play.

Hasbro vs. Mattel: Who's Better Positioned for Growth?

Hasbro and Mattel fared well from girls toys and the anticipated sales boost in licensed toys stemming from the upcoming Disney movies such as Thor: The Dark World, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and Star Wars: Episode VII should send their stock prices higher.