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Mark Morelli

Mark Morelli


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The Great Engine Wars: A Trend Towards Single Suppliers

How does the trend affect GE, UTX, Rolls-Royce, and Boeing?

What Does the Apple-IBM Partnership Mean for Investors?

Enterprise deal could boost sales of iPhones and iPads and help IBM overcome its revenue problem. Where is Google in all this?

Why Apple and Google Are 2 of the World's Most Respected Companies

Apple tops Barron's annual list of institutional investors' most respected companies.

IBM is Betting $3 Billion on This Key Market

Big Blue plans to ramp R&D spending on integrated circuit technology research.

How Harley-Davidson and Yamaha Are Breaking the Mold With Their New Electric Bikes

The iconic motorcycle makers are looking to the future...

Is Apple or Google Winning the App War?

Follow the money -- iOS users outspend Android users by four to one. Apple investors will profit too.

Will Samsung Profit From the iPhone 6?

Apple may boot Samsung off the iPhone and iPad and Taiwan Semiconductor could benefit instead.

Will Robots Boost Profits For Apple, Inc?

Apple contract manufacturer Foxconn might use robots to help assemble iPhones

2 Apple Inc. Suppliers That Operate Below the Radar

NXP and Micron don't get much notice, unlike Apple, but they do return value to investors.

Is Recent News Bullish for Apple Investors?

Chinese contract manufacturer Foxconn is reportedly hiring 100,000 additional employees to assemble the iPhone 6.

How Will the Ex-Im Bank Battle Affect Business?

Some in Congress and industry want the Export-Import Bank shut down.

Is Google, Apple or Amazon the Best Play in This Key Market?

The search engine giant sends Google TV out to pasture. Do Apple and Amazon need to worry?

One Trend That Could Please AT&T, Verizon, and Vodafone Investors

An exponential increase in traffic over the airwaves bodes well for wireless service providers

AT&T's All Fired Up Over Amazon's New Phone

Telecom giant will be exclusive provider for new Amazon phone. Will it make a difference? The real money in smartphones is made by Apple and Samsung.

Who Will Pay for Samsung's Tab?

Can Samsung's new tablet outshine the iPad? How does Microsoft's Surface Pro 3 stack up?

The 3-D Phone: Will It Help Amazon and Hurt Apple?

A new phone from the e-commerce giant is intended to boost content sales.

What Does Apple Inc's Move Into the Internet of Things Mean for its Stock?

Kevo, a smart keyless entry system, is only a small part of the growing Internet of Things

What GM Can Learn From its Ignition Switch Problem

Cultural issues plague the auto giant.

What is Behind Google Inc's Satellite Project?

The Internet giant plans to go into space to expand web access.

Will Microsoft Corporation Hurt Apple With the Surface Pro 3?

Is the new Microsoft device a tablet or a PC? Will Apple be impacted?