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Robert Zimmerman

Robert Zimmerman


Middle aged man investing since his college days. Writing for Motley Fool, in part to learn more about companies I might not know about, in part to encourage folks to be more active in their financial affairs.

Recent articles

German Soccer Can Teach You About Retirement Planning

The recent World Cup victory by Germany was the product of a long-term plan that included fundamental skill development for young players. US investors can learn from this: Long-term investment horizons and a focus on a company's fundamentals often pay off, too. Here are three master limited partnerships with good business and financial fundamentals to consider for your retirement planning.

Mimic Germany for a 'World Cup' Retirement

Germany's winning the World Cup culminated a 14-year odyssey of building a national team from the ground up. The German experience can help investors plan for their retirement. Here are two take-home lessons and three companies to help you enjoy a "World Cup" retirement.

Why Is Teekay LNG Partners Lagging Its Peers?

Investing in liquefied natural gas carriers offers potentially significant long-term rewards. Some carriers have done well, but Teekay LNG Partners hasn't kept up. Here's a review of why Teekay may be lagging its peers.

Can Enterprise Products Partners Save Your Retirement?

The growing US energy industry offers retirees (and those prudent enough to plan for retirement) opportunities to generate significant income. Here's why I like Enterprise Products Partners.

Retirement Income: The Average American Is in Deep Trouble (but There’s Hope)

According to the National Institute for Retirement Security, the average American has just more than $30,000 in a defined retirement account. What income would that generate and how much would you need to have an average income? Here's a small portfolio of energy master limited partnerships to illustrate the situation.

North Dakota Flaring Regulations: Burden or Opportunity?

North Dakota will roll out tougher regulations regarding the flaring of natural gas this October. While some may see this as government intrusion, others will see these regulations as an opportunity. Here are three ways to profit from these new regulations.

This MLP Is Crazy Expensive, but Is It Worth the Price?

Phillips 66 and Valero both recently launched master limited partnerships. These MLPs have grown in price at an impressive rate. At their current price relative to distributable cash flow, are these MLPs worth their going price?

Bubble or Momentum? Can These Stocks Keep Their Recent Gains?

When a stock suddenly begins to climb, there's a temptation to jump on board in order to score some quick gains. The risk is a stock can go down as quickly as it goes up if there is nothing substantive to support the higher price. Here are three energy related companies experiencing strong price gains recently. Has the business changed enough to justify these higher prices?

How to Value MLPs

Energy-related master limited partnerships offer investors an opportunity to capitalize on America's growing energy production. Here's some help in how to evaluate them.

Innovations and Acquisitions in the Natural Gas Business

Keeping things just the way they are doesn't work for modern businesses, energy companies included. Here are three natural gas related companies making moves you want to know about.

2 Energy MLPs to Buy, 1 to Avoid

Midstream master limited partnerships offer investors a relatively safe way to exploit U.S. energy production. However, due diligence is still required. Here are two midstream MLPs that are worth a look and another that might be best avoided.

2 “Pick and Shovel” Investments Growing With Energy Production

There's money to be made in U.S. energy production. One investment strategy is putting your money into companies that supply equipment and services to the producers. Below are two good candidates for your investment dollar.

Follow the Energy Exports for Profits

As U.S. energy production climbs, so do exports of various energy products. Here are three companies with export operations worthy of consideration.

Can AT&T Save Clean Energy Fuels?

Clean Energy Fuels provides natural gas as a vehicle fuel to a range of clients. While there is great growth potential, the company's stock has declined 25% over the past two years. Is there too much competition for Clean Energy to make it big in the U.S.?

Which Valero Company Is Right for You?

Over the past year or so, Valero Energy spun off two companies. Which of these three companies from the Valero company are worth your investment dollar?

Fracking Earthquakes: An Opportunity for Nuverra Environmental Solutions?

A recent geology study suggests disposal of waste water created during hydraulic fracturing may cause earthquakes. While further research is needed, just the thought of it may create an opportunity for Nuverra's waste water recycling business.

3 Midstream Energy Plays for Both Income and Capital Gains

Growing U.S. energy production has translated into growing profits and distributions for investors. Here's a look at three midstream energy companies, each with its own certain appeals for different investors.

3 Different Ways to Profit From Natural Gas

U.S. natural gas production is projected to increase through 2040. Here are three ways to profit from this growing business.

Can Veresen Inc Outfox Its Canadian Competitors?

Canada has struggled to find a solution for exporting liquefied natural gas to Asia. Will Veresen's strategy to export Canadian gas from the United States help it beat its competitors to the Asian market?

Are These Canadian Energy Stocks Worth Your Investment Dollar?

Canada has seen its crude oil and natural gas production steadily climb over the years. However, since 2011, Canadian energy companies have struggled -- some more than others. Here are three companies to consider and one to avoid.