John Casteele

John Casteele


John Casteele is a freelance writer, editor, and occasional web cartoonist. He prefers long-term investments, largely in retail, medical, and tech.

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Can More Cheap Windows Phones Save Microsoft's Mobile Plans?

Windows Phone's biggest success has been the Lumia 520, a low-end handset that has had over 12 million activations to date. Will additional low-end handsets help to make the mobile OS successful, or is it too late?

What Does a Female Thor Mean for Marvel Comics?

On July 15, Marvel Comics unveiled a female version of Thor for an upcoming comic series. Is this a mistake for the company, or could it lead to growth within a somewhat ignored demographic?

Why a Fitness Wearable Might Be the Right Move for Microsoft

Microsoft's first wearable device may be closer to a fitness band than a smartwatch, a move that has taken some watchers of the company by surprise. Is this a good move for Microsoft, or will it cause the device to be overshadowed by existing fitness players?

Is HBO's 'True Detective' Already on its Way Off the Air?

HBO's "True Detective" has been a major hit, and fans are eagerly looking forward to season two. If the show's creator is to be believed, however, then the show might already be getting close to its final season.

Why Is 'Ant-Man' So Important to Marvel Studios?

The search to find a director without delaying 'Ant-Man' made the movie seem like a priority for Marvel Studios. Did the studio really feel strongly about the movie, or was it simply trying to keep its larger plan from derailing?

Is Disney Getting Ahead of Itself With its 'Star Wars' Spinoffs?

Disney is going full steam ahead with the 'Star Wars' franchise, having already announced the directors of two of its stand-alone films that will hit theaters between core episode releases. Is it trying to accelerate the franchise too quickly, though?

Why Fox Should Sign Hugh Jackman for a New 'Wolverine' Contract

As Twenty-First Century Fox is riding the popularity of 'Days of Future Past' and preparing for 'X-Men: Apocalyse,' speculation continues on what the future of the franchise will look like. Would this be a good time for the studio to lock Hugh Jackman into a contract for a few more core X-Men films?

Will CrowdSun Change the Way We Invest in Solar Energy?

Slowly but surely, the ways that we get our energy are changing. The drivers of these changes aren't always straightforward, however, and the future of energy may come from some unexpected places.

Is It Wise for the Stargate Reboot to Ignore the TV Shows?

After years of trying to get the project off the ground, a 'Stargate' reboot is finally moving forward with the original director and producer at the helm. The new films look like they will ignore the continuity of the various Stargate TV shows … is this really the best idea?

Will Mario Kart 8 Sales Be Enough to Save the Wii U?

Mario Kart 8, one of the most anticipated games for Nintendo's struggling Wii U console, has finally been released. Will the new game spur Wii U sales, or will it suffer the same fate as previous games that failed to boost the console?

How Much Will Losing Edgar Wright for Ant-Man Hurt Marvel Studios?

Last week, two highly anticipated projects from Disney's Marvel Studios suffered major losses in the form of a director and a showrunner exiting their projects. Is this a sign of a major problem at Marvel, or were there reasonable reasons for the departures?

Will Channing Tatum's Gambit Be the New Face of the X-Men?

Twenty First Century Fox is moving ahead with its next 'X-Men' film, even though 'Days of Future Past' has yet to hit U.S. theaters. Is the casting of Channing Tatum a sign of where the studio might go now that Hugh Jackman's contract is fixing to expire?