Evan Buck

Evan Buck


Evan Buck is a Motley Fool blog contributor and an alumnus of the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE, www.fee.org). He primarily focuses on the Consumer Goods sector.

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There's More Than Meets the Eye With Sears

You might be puzzled as to why one of America's most reviled retailers, Sears, is enjoying stock price appreciation while its retail business decays. The answer might surprise you.

A Money Transfer Company Built to Last

You are probably familiar with the phrase "change is the essential continuity of life" in one form or another. One company in particular has taken this adage to heart and has not only navigated momentous changes for over a century and a half but is also primed for much future growth.

A Public Relations Battle on the High Seas

Pixar Animation Studios, a subsidiary of Walt Disney (NYSE: DIS), has purportedly rewritten the ending to “Finding Dory,” the highly anticipated sequel to “Finding Nemo,” in response to the fracas surrounding the “Blackfish” documentary. The documentary paints a very unfavorable picture of SeaWorld's (NYSE: SEAS) treatment of orca whales and chronicles the tale of the SeaWorld orca that killed three people. The Blackfish movie makers and SeaWorld have engaged in a furious back-and-forth public relations (PR) battle as a result.

2 Long-Term Plays on Chinese E-Commerce

It seems that our friend, Mr. Market, has decided to punish one Chinese online retailer with "falling-knife syndrome" - LightIn TheBox (NYSE: LITB). Is this a sign that LightIn TheBox has underlying long-term weaknesses in its business model, or is this a market overreaction?

The Next Stock to Ride the Housing Market Wave

Is Re/Max a good opportunity for investors to ride the bullish trends of the United States housing market, or should investors hold back snapping up shares at Re/Max's IPO?