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Jay Wei

Jay Wei


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Priceline May Have to Keep Searching for New Business Lines

Priceline's travel services face constant challenges from other growing free online search tools. The company must keep expanding into other services and provide additional valuable features on top of its existing services.

Home Depot Can Improve its In-store Operations with Digital Technologies

With the application of digital tech, Home Depot can greatly improve the efficiency of its in-store operations.

Sotheby’s Can't Keep Banging the Hammer for Business Growth

Sotheby's art dealer and art gallery businesses may continue to grow, while its auction business may have less room to expand.

Railroad Investors May See Some Bumpy Rides Ahead

Without some capacity expansion, railroad companies may see slow growth even as the economy continues to pull ahead.

Fashion Companies: Bucking the Trend of Declining Retail-Store Operations

Fashion companies are most likely to survive the difficult apparel retail environment.

How Mining Companies Have Underperformed Commodities Markets

To benefit from increasing commodities demand, investors are better off either investing in mining companies long term or trading commodities markets as they develop.

How Staples Can Adapt Its Principal Office Supplies Business in the Age of E-commerce

Staples must become a different kind of retailer in the age of e-commerce with value-added services beyond product distribution.

How Microsoft Can Make Skype a Competing Mobile Messaging Platform

By integrating Skype with Windows Phone, Microsoft could eventually make both acquisitions work.

Mobile Tech: Will It Replace Cars?

The solutions to current driving problems and the construction of future smart cars may lie in mobile computing technologies.

How the Internet of Things Can Save RadioShack

Can RadioShack transform itself from an old electronics retailer into a company that combines retail with sales consultation?