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Scott Levine

Scott Levine


A member of The Motley Fool since 2006, Scott began contributing content in 2013. His focus includes renewable energy, gold, and water utilities. Follow him on Twitter. . .

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Why Shares of Niu Technologies Skyrocketed 37% in October

Higher Q3 sales volume in both China and abroad charged up investors last month.

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My Top Gold Stock to Buy in November

With a balance sheet worth its weight in gold, this company deserves to be on the buylists of precious metals investors.

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A Multibillion-Dollar Opportunity in Korea and More; What to Watch When Bloom Energy Reports Earnings

It's what's on the horizon that investors should focus on when this company reports earnings.

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Tesla to Recall Nearly 50,000 Model S and X Vehicles in China Over Safety Concerns

This appears to be a minor bump in the road for the carmaker.

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Plug Power Stock Is Up Almost 500% in 2020: Is It Still a Buy?

This fuel cell stock's ride has been electric in 2020, but will it continue to power higher?


Here's Why Shares of The Toro Company Climbed 12% in September

To the delight of investors, the company beat analysts' expectations on the top and bottom lines -- but that wasn't all.

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Here's Why Shares of Switchback Energy Acquisition Jumped 53% in September

A new way to gain exposure to the electric vehicle market will soon be available to investors -- and they're quite charged up about it.


Here's Why Shares of Pacific Ethanol Skyrocketed 85% in September

Investors don't think demand will dwindle for this company's high-quality alcohol anytime soon.

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Here's Why Shares of Blink Charging Soared 47% in September

The weather may have cooled down last month, but enthusiasm for this EV-oriented stock heated back up.

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Charged Up About FuelCell Energy Stock, J.P. Morgan Analyst Sees Nearly 40% Upside

A stronger balance sheet is just one reason this hydrogen hopeful is electrifying J.P. Morgan's optimism.

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Here's Why Shares of Bloom Energy Soared 15% in September

The company's success in South Korea wasn't the only reason investors were celebrating last month.

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3 Stocks Robinhood Investors Love

Forget the fair Maid Marian: These stocks are the source of Robinhood investors' affections.

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Thinking of Buying GE Stock? Here's What You Need to Know.

In general, investors have shied away from GE over the past few years, but some may be ready to reconnect. Robinhood investors like it. Are they making a good call?

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3 Stocks of Companies You May Not Realize You Rely on Every Day

Cognex, Crane, and Dana are lesser-known businesses helping you on a daily basis.

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Tired of the Tesla Roller Coaster? Try These Safer Stocks Instead

Losing sleep over Tesla's dramatic ups and downs? Consider these conservative choices, so you're not left tossing and turning all night.

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Why Fuel Cell Stocks Jumped as Much as 68% in August

It wasn't only ice cream and barbecues that investors had an appetite for last month -- fuel cell stocks were also on the menu.

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3 Gold Stocks to Buy Right Now

Volatility is shaking the market again -- time to check in with the leading gold picks.

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Here's Why Shares of Blink Charging Plummeted 36% in August

Encouraging tidbits in the company's Q2 earnings report couldn't dispel concerns that short-sellers raised last month.

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Here's Why Shares of Enphase Energy Rose 28% in August

A strong earnings report warmed hearts on Main Street and Wall Street alike.

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More Than Just an Electric Vehicle Maker, NIO Launches Battery as a Service Subscription Model

In an increasingly crowded EV market, NIO is distinguishing itself with an innovative approach to EV ownership.