Mark Lin

Mark Lin


Mark is a private value investor and is the author of website which uses a systematic quantitative screening approach to filter the global stock markets for cheap cigar-butts and wide-moat compounders.

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This Company Is a Trucker’s Best Friend

A truck driver's needs are quite different from that of the average C-store customer. TravelCenters tailors its products and services to the requirements of truckers, making it the best play on the trucking industry recovery.

Why This Company Is the Best Soda Play

As the health and wellness trend gains momentum, consumers are switching from classic sodas to healthier options. SodaStream should benefit as soda drinkers make their own low-calorie sodas at home.

How This Cruise Company Stands Its Ground

Most Davids can’t beat Goliaths because they choose to go down the same path as as everybody else while thinking that they can achieve better results. Norwegian Cruise has become a strong No. 3 in the cruise ship industry by competing on non-price factors, having clear positioning, and building scale in a different way.

Why This Tissue Paper Company Is a Safe Investment

In today’s world, investment safe havens have been disappearing as technological change disrupts an increasing number of products and industries. Tissue paper is one of the few consumer-staple businesses that will remain relevant for years to come.

These 3 Retailers Keep Their Teenage Customers Coming Back

Fashion risk is the single thing that keeps top executives of retailers awake at night. Successful teenage-focused retailers have worked hard on their merchandising and store strategies to keep their customers loyal.

How Do These 3 Retailers Retain Their Customers?

Most companies fail when their customers desert them. However, there are companies that have found ways to reduce their customer risk exposure, making them safer investments.

This Cereal Maker Is Rebuilding Its Brand

Making branding mistakes can be costly, resulting in market share erosion and stagnant revenue growth. But once the mistakes are reversed, the company can get back on the road to profitability.

Obamacare Will Be a Boon for Paid Tax Preparers

Obamacare will add significantly to the population of new tax filers and increase the complexity of tax filing. Tax preparation services providers, such as H&R Block and JTH Holding, are expected to be key beneficiaries. Will Intuit also benefit?

Location Is King for Club Operators

A network of well-located clubs is a key competitive advantage for an operator, especially one that owns more of its locations.