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Mark Lin

Mark Lin


Mark is a private value investor and is the author of website which uses a systematic quantitative screening approach to filter the global stock markets for cheap cigar-butts and wide-moat compounders.

Recent articles

Pall Corp.: Why You Should Invest In This Recession-Proof Industrial Supplier

Instead of betting on the economy, investors will be much better off picking recession-proof stocks such as Pall Corporation for their portfolio.

3 Reasons to Invest in This Auto Infotainment Market Leader

If you has missed the boat for Harman International, which has doubled its share price in the past year, should you still consider investing in it now?

Why Shares of Omega Protein Skyrocketed

The shareholders of Omega Protein must be laughing all the way to the bank after seeing the company's share price outperform the market over the past year. If you missed the boat, should you get in now?

2 Stocks That Have Survived the Demise of Traditional Media Advertising

While most people are chasing investment opportunities in the online advertising space, it pays to be a contrarian and search for investment candidates in the traditional media market.

This Small Town Sporting Goods Retailer Is a Better Investment Than Its Larger Peer

Size isn't everything when it comes to stock picking. My preferred sporting goods retailer may not be the biggest player in the market, but it is more attractive as an investment than a larger peer.

Why These 2 Theme Park Operators Don’t Fear Competition

How do you pick good companies? Just choose the ones that face the fewest threats, like these two theme park companies.

Which of These 2 Funeral Home Services Providers Should You Invest In?

Counter-intuitively, boring companies make for good investments thanks to stable demand. Funeral home companies such as Service Corporation International and StoneMor Partners fit the bill.

Did Archer Daniels Midland Buy the Right Company?

A 2013 study showed that 75% of M&A transactions didn’t create value; does Archer Daniels Midland's latest acquisition also fall into that category?

3 Stocks That Can Grow Without Raising Capital

A company with negative working capital is an attractive business, with suppliers funding a large portion of capital that most growing businesses need, resulting in high returns and strong growth.

3 Reasons to Invest in This Hospitality Stock

How do you choose a hotel when you travel to a foreign land? Are the same criteria applicable when it comes to selecting a hotel stock?

Don't Close the Door on These 2 Building Products Companies

Don't make the mistake of judging a company by the industry it belongs to. While making building products isn't hardly the most attractive business, two companies have caught my attention because of their unique characteristics.

2 Reasons Why Post Holdings Is a Buy Despite Falling Cereal Sales

It would be a mistake to ignore Post Holdings because of the bleak outlook for US cereal sales. Its recent share price underperformance relative to the rest of the market suggests that investors might be missing something.

Did TreeHouse Foods Make the Right Acquisitions?

Acquisitions can make or break a company. Accretive acquisitions done for the right reasons can create significant long-term shareholder value; the converse is equally true. Which category will TreeHouse Foods' recent deals fall into?

3 Reasons Why Sirius XM Won’t Get Killed by Streaming Services

Free music isn't literally free. While users of free music streaming services don't mind ad-interrupted music, many other consumers will gladly pay to enjoy high-quality radio content from broadcasters like Srius XM.

2 Reasons Why Investor Sentiment Towards Mondelez Turned Positive

More short-sellers have covered their positions on Mondelez in the recent month. Is this a sign to turn positive on this stock now?

Which of These 2 Outdoor Advertising Firms Should You Invest In?

You may have read fewer newspapers and seen a lower number of print advertisements in the past few years. In contrast with the demise of print media advertising, outdoor advertising is still growing and remains a popular advertising medium.

2 Reasons Why Murphy USA Is a Convenient Investment Choice

It's getting increasingly difficult to pick a retailer with true competitive advantages. Murphy USA is one exception to the rule, having achieved double-digit return on capital ratios for the past five years.

Will This Teen Retailer Become the Next Victim of Wal-Mart's Small Store Push?

Wal-Mart's supercenter big-box format has driven many retailers out of business. Its recent small-store format push might claim new casualties like Five Below.

Who Will Win the Tug-of-War Between Amazon and Book Publishers?

Amazon can win in the short term by extracting higher margins from publishers, but might suffer in the long run as publishers seek other alternatives. In the book industry Barnes & Noble and Scholastic Corporation have been overlooked.

Why This Company Will Continue to Dominate the Heavy-Duty Truck Market

Market share is the best indicator of sustainable competitive advantages. Paccar has proven that it is among the best in the heavy-duty market, having expanded its market share during the past decade.

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