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Mark Lin


Mark is a private value investor and is the author of website which uses a systematic quantitative screening approach to filter the global stock markets for cheap cigar-butts and wide-moat compounders.

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Which of These 3 Fast-Casual Restaurants Is the Best Investment?

The fast-casual restaurant segment was the outperformer within the overall industry in 2013. With the highest check size and the strongest unit growth among its fast-casual peers, only one company is the best proxy for the segment's bright prospects.

Why Should You Invest in This Pest Buster?

For those who have had to deal with termites and rodents at home, you will understand why pest control services are so important and how their providers make money. Rollins is one such pest-busting company and also happens to be a good investment candidate.

Is Starbucks Still the Best Coffee Investment?

If you believe in investing in good consumer brands, you shouldn't ignore this specialty coffee-chain operator. Starbucks' coffee has been part of many consumers' lives for the past few decades, which has made it one of the strongest consumer brands in America and beyond.

What Is the Winning Formula for These Off-Price Retailers?

Investment legend John Templeton once said, "If you want to have a better performance than the crowd, you must do things differently from the crowd." What is the magic behind the outperformance of the off-price retailers in recent years?

Which of These 3 Foreign Education Stocks Should You Buy?

The attractiveness of different education companies as investment candidates vary, depending on the market segment they operate in. In particular, the K-12 premium schools stand out because of higher pricing power and the longer tenure of their students.

Which Retailer Will Win the Battle for Frugal Consumers?

While the recent financial results of dollar-store operators have been outstanding, don’t be fooled. Wal-Mart will remain the king of retail, as dollar stores don’t boast economic moats that competitors can't breach.

Which Foreign Education Companies Should You Invest In?

In many parts of the world, people perceive education as a key enabler that allows less well-off families to get out of the poverty cycle through better-paying jobs. In particular, the Chinese K-12 market promises attractive growth opportunities.

Will Staples Remain a Staple for Its Customers?

The middleman role has disappeared from many industries, as customers go direct to suppliers and online distributors compete aggressively on price. The office supply industry doesn’t seem like an exception, and Staples, the world’s largest distributor of office products, faces serious challenges.

How This Specialty Retailer Meets Industry Challenges

Investors should adopt a bottom-up (rather than top-down) approach to investing. While most retailers are facing difficult times because of a tough industry environment, this specialty retailer of home decor and accessories could be worthy of consideration.