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Mark Lin


Mark is a private value investor and is the author of website which uses a systematic quantitative screening approach to filter the global stock markets for cheap cigar-butts and wide-moat compounders.

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Gain Exposure to the Growing Art Market With This Stock

If you have ever wished to make money from art, you aren’t restricted to either being an artist or bidding for art at an auction. Sotheby’s represents one of the few, if not the only, publicly-traded investment opportunities in the art market.

One Retailer Doesn’t Fear Online Competition

Faced with online competition, retailers should build their online presence to complement their current distribution channels. In addition, they also need to go back to basics and work on differentiating their products. HSN has adopted both strategies in its battle against online competition.

Why This Fitness Club Operator has the Best Growth Prospects Among Its Peers

Staying healthy involves both having a proper diet and exercising regularly. Apart from organic and natural food retailers, health club operators are strong beneficiaries of the health & wellness trends. Among the listed companies, Life Time Fitness stands out as the best proxy for industry growth.

You Will Sleep Well With These Stocks in Your Portfolio

The same companies that produce the mattresses that investors sleep on can help them sleep well in other ways. Leading mattress manufacturers and retailers exhibit stable demand and are good additions to investors’ portfolios.

Why This Off-Price Retailer Stands Out From Its Peers

Competing on price alone is a race to the bottom, since only the retailer with the lowest prices will be left standing at the end. Burlington is an example of a retailer with a differentiated business model that gives it an edge over its peers.

The Winners and Losers of the Rich-Poor Divide

The widening income gap means that middle-market retailers won’t make the cut. They are too expensive for the budget-conscious consumer, but not high-brow enough for the ultra-affluent.

This Isn’t Your Average Casual-Dining Restaurant

Casual-dining chains are the restaurant industry’s equivalent of middle-market department stores, where their offerings are typically undifferentiated in terms of both product offerings and price attractiveness. Denny’s, which call itself ‘America's Diner,’ is an exception among its casual-dining peers.

Why the Late Mover Will Win in the E-Cigarettes Battle

Lorillard was the first among the Big Three tobacco giants to enter the e-cigarette market, and it is now the market leader. However, that doesn’t automatically make this company the best choice for investors who look to capitalize on the future potential of e-cigarettes.

Does This Motorsports Leader Still Have Gas Left in Its Tank?

Most growth stocks see their share prices falter because they can’t live up to the expectations embedded in their stock prices. Instead, value-priced companies like International Speedway which have high levels of recurring revenues and growing dividends have better chances of surprising on the upside since expectations are low.

3 Growth Stocks You Should Keep Your Eyes On

Growth stocks are sometimes found in the least likely industries. While organic food is already a well-known trend, consumer staples like eyewear and donuts are also equally good hunting grounds.

This Hospitality Stock Should Stay in Your Portfolio

Good companies in cyclical industries reduce their asset intensity, increase their share of recurring revenue, and diversify to reduce their risks. That is exactly what hospitality company Wyndham has done.

Why These Leisure Facility Operators Are Misunderstood Investments

Misunderstood companies and industries often offer the best investment opportunities. These include ski resort companies and theme-park operators, which are perceived as unattractive due to their high capital intensity and economic sensitivity.

How This Specialty Retailer Contains the Competition

Successful retailing is all about the products you sell and the people who sell your products. The Container Store is a role model for such merchandising and human resource management strategies.

Columbus McKinnon Corp. Hoists Itself Above Its Competitors

Most machinery companies have to compete with each other on pricing and cost efficiency, because they are just one of many companies producing the same undifferentiated equipment. However, there are exceptions like Columbus McKinnon which has managed to differentiate itself from its competitors on the basis on non-price factors.

Why The Brink's Company Is a Secure Investment

Many companies have seen their once profitable business brutally disrupted by low-cost competitors. However, security logistics companies are largely immune to such threats, because of their mission-critical nature.

How This Retailer Minimizes Fashion Risk

Some fashion retailers have been foolhardy enough to try to stay ahead of the fashion curve, while others are simply too slow to react. Express' focus on being a fast second follower makes the most sense.