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Joshua Bondy

Joshua Bondy


Joshua Bondy works in the energy and materials sector. He works hard to bring to light the underlying forces that drive prices and move the market.

Recent articles

Is Potash Corp Worth the Price?

Potash Corp is on the rebound, but its free cash flow shows that the company isn't exactly cheap.

1 Easy Way to Ride the LNG Boom

With an established customer base, growing assets and a strong contract portfolio Teekay LNG Partners offers great access to seaborne midstream market.

The Best Way to Play a Rebound in Gold Prices

Royal Gold's innovative structure gives basic materials investors a great way to invest in gold while limiting risk.

Fossil Fuels Are Not the New Subrime, Just Ask Continental Resources

The oil gas industry has its challenges, but Continental Resources' growth shows that the industry is much more than a subprime bubble waiting to burst.

Japan Is About to Help Canadian Solar and SunPower

With foreign capital coming into the land of the rising sun, foreign solar manufacturers like Canadian Solar and SunPower will have more flexibility in one of the world's biggest solar markets.

Check out These Growing Energy Exporters

With new pipelines coming online, Enterprise Products Partners and Enbridge are fueling North American energy exports.

Is Kodiak Oil and Gas Getting Too Pricey?

Kodiak is making investors happy by developing its acreage while cutting capital expenditures, but it is important to remember that momentum investors can push a company above a reasonable price.

SunPower's and SolarCity's Best Days Are Ahead

Solar's economics continue to improve, pushing SunPower and SolarCity to the front of the energy sector.

Seadrill and Diamond Offshore Drilling Are Reintroduced to Chaotic Markets

With the ultra-deepwater markets facing oversupply, Seadrill and Diamond Offshore are being introduced to a little bit of real world economics.

Economic Data Points to Southern Copper Margin Compression

As China comes under pressure, input costs rise, and competition heats up, Southern Copper needs to be ready for margin compression.

Coal's Loss Is Chesapeake Energy's Gain

A recent Supreme Court case will have a big impact on the U.S. energy market, and Talisman and Chesapeake will walk away winners.

Are These High-Yield MLPs Worth the Risk?

Some companies offer high yields and a diversified asset base, but many high-yield companies carry a well-deserved risk premium.

Is It Time to Buy Yamana Gold Inc?

Gold miners have been unable to find Midas' touch, but Yamana Gold's cost structure and debt load put in a good position to profit in the current market.

4 Investing Ideas From BP's 2014 World Energy Review

From Cloud Peak Energy's coal mines to SunPower's solar panels BP's latest statistical review shows that the world's energy system is evolving in new ways.

Competition and Debt Catching up With Cliffs Natural Resources

Looking at margins and debt alone, Cliffs Natural Resources is going to have a very challenging time competing with the likes of BHP Billiton, Vale, and others.

Take SolarCity With a Grain of Salt

SolarCity is an exciting and growing solar play, but it should be considered in the context of other big solar players like SunPower and First Solar.

Now Is the Time to Follow Encana

Thanks to improving production and prices, Encana's turnaround continues to plow ahead.

Indonesia's Mining Challenges Are Only Part of the Picture

With copper prices under pressure, Newmont Mining's and Freeport-McMoRan's respective corporate strategies are more important than their political struggles in any one country.

Cameco Corporation vs Coal: Which Is the Better Investment?

Uranium and coal are down in the dumps, but the uranium miner Cameco has a better outlook than Arch Coal or Alpha Natural Resources.

Total, Suncor, and Occidental Petroleum Vote Against Oil Sands

With rising costs and pipeline challenges Total, Suncor, and Occidental Petroleum need to carefully examine their Canadian oil sands operations.