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Damon Churchwell


I have been with the Fool since November, 2012. My specialties are Industrial and airline stocks.

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This Infrastructure Stock Has Upside

MasTec is a company poised to benefit further from increased telecom and energy infrastructure spending. If you believe in the long-term potential for renewable energy sources like solar and wind, MasTec is also likely to play a significant part.

Canadian Telecoms Could Bounce Back

Stocks of Canadian Telecommunications service providers have sold off dramatically this year. Slow growth in the domestic economy, along with an uncertain transition to mobile phone usage has likely been of concern by investors. In fact, the company and stock that has performed the best is that of a wireless company, Rogers Corp. A look into the strategies taken by these companies will help to discover if they are good long-term holdings.

1 Trend Driving These 2 Construction-Friendly Companies

Dow giant United Technologies has the wind at its back in terms of its aerospace businesses, thanks to the upturn in aircraft production. But, what will carry the company over the next several years? It could be its construction-related businesses. It and other commercial construction related companies are poised for solid performances.

Take a Look at This Rising Sector for Your Portfolio

Producers of flow technology products are on track to perform well this year and in subsequent years. Stock prices are apt to follow. These companies are manufacturers of equipment and systems that support the processing of food and beverages, oil & gas, wastewater, and numerous other materials. They serve a wide range of industries that are mostly on track for growth.

Why to Invest in Airline Stocks

Passenger airlines can take several different forms, all potentially being lucrative to the company and shareholders. Here are companies that exemplify the factors that make airlines profitable and growing companies that are worth investing in for the long term.

Sporting-Goods Retailers You Should Look Into

The sporting-goods retailers exhibit mostly favorable metrics, including same-store sales growth and increases in their store counts. Retailers with these positive trends tend to have growing earnings. Lets take a look and see if the companies would make good investments for the long term.

5 Stocks for 5% Dividend Yields

Whether you're looking to take a more conservative investment approach or just enhance your portfolio return, high-yielding stocks may well be worth considering.

5 Mid-Sized Airlines to Buy and Hold

Smaller carriers, nimbly capitalizing on growing demand for short-haul flights, might become the best investments in the airline sector.

Why Investing in Electrical Equipment Companies Is a Good Idea

The electrical equipment industry is marked by certain aspects that investors should seek out in companies they are considering for investment. Specifically, the best sector participants are highlighted by one or more of the following features: Expansion into emerging geographical markets, accretive acquisitions, capitalizing on positive economic trends, and a broadening of existing technologies into untapped product markets. One example of each, by way of a representative company, should help investors decide where to invest.

The 4 Best Mid-Cap Industrials for Your Money

As manufacturing activity, industrial production, and construction metrics improve, it may well be a good time to seek out stocks from the industrial sector that offer value propositions. U