Daniel T. Cook

Daniel T. Cook


When I was 12 I bought my first stock (five shares of HD). Then I started reading and writing about stocks (Buffett, Wanger, Motley Fool…). I’m still doing that today! My favorite recipes include metals, mining, and agriculture.

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Pulled straight from their conference calls, here’s the data and talking points market participants will be watching out for over the next few quarters.

Get "the Wilbur Ross Factor” for Free

Captain of calm, Mr. Ross is a guy that many professional and DIY investors look to for direction, especially during stormy weather.

Eritrea: Africa’s Hidden Gem?

Underexplored compared to West Africa, Eritrea’s mining industry is proving itself worthy of foreign investment year by year.

Gold Reserves for Under $200?

Tomorrow's production has got to come from somewhere; so what is a reasonable price for gold that's still in the ground?

Did Five Eyes Spy on Brazil’s Libra Oil Field?

Some say they’re the world’s most exclusive intelligence sharing club. A recent conspiracy theory suggests that one of their Canadian operatives was found snooping around at Brazil’s Ministry of Mining and Energy.

Do We Really Need Nuclear Power?

Good things just don’t seem to come with nuclear energy. For most people, negatives like Fukushima, wars, and weapons are the first things that come to mind.

Plum Creek: Deal Breaker or Deal Maker?

Pioneer's of the timber REIT, Plum Creek is one of the largest landowners in the nation and the most geographically diverse. Owning nearly 7 million acres in total, they are one of the premier land investments available in the stock market.

Peak Lumber by 2016?

The infestation has already spread across 43 million acres; 53% of the pine forests in British Columbia are dead.

Hidden Asset: Silver Miner Provides Free Option on Gold

Chatting with friends and investment gurus about buying low and selling high makes for pleasant conversation; yet so few have the guts to buy when everyone else is selling (value investing requires that).