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Daniel T. Cook

Daniel T. Cook


When I was 12 I bought my first stock (five shares of HD). Then I started reading and writing about stocks (Buffett, Wanger, Motley Fool…). I’m still doing that today! My favorite recipes include metals, mining, and agriculture.

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RBY land

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Being greedy when others are fearful is more easily said than done, and it almost always requires buying patiently when others are more aggressively selling.

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Who loves their customers more than Las Vegas?

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China Controls Asia’s Water Wealth

China’s water pollution and scarcity problems are a real nightmare for the rest of Asia.

8 High-Performance Alloys for Aircraft Engines

High-performance alloys and high-performance engines are like two peas in a pod; one could exist without the other, but why would they want to?

With Diamonds, Even the Haystack Is Hard to Find

Finding a needle in a haystack is child’s play, with diamonds, even the haystack is hard to find.