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Water Water Everywhere, but Not a Drop to Spare

Conventional wisdom tells us that the safest investments are in commodities that people can't live without. Clean water fits the bill, yet in many places in the world, clean water is still not available.

3 ETFs Poised to Win in Tomorrow's Market

ETFs are a great way to minimize risk while diversifying into new market areas. They can also represent a solid strategy for testing the waters in riskier areas such as biotech or foreign stocks. Here are three picks for future growth and income.

America's Aging Infrastructure and Public-Private Partnerships

America's infrastructure is aging, and traditional government funding can't cover the costs to restore it. However, public-private partnerships are coming to the rescue -- and clever investors are reaping the benefits.

Investing in America's Love Affair With Sports

No matter when you turn on the television, you are sure to find at least four or five sporting events to watch, ranging from NASCAR to football to soccer. Here are three stocks that allow you to combine your love of the game with your financial future.