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John McKenna


I am a senior at Fordham University in Bronx, NY about to finish my Bachelor's Degree in Economics.

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Activision Blizzard Has a Date With Destiny in the Fall

Activision's first-quarter earnings benefited from a surprise World of Warcraft subscriptions spike and strong Call of Duty sales, and were reinforced by Q2 earnings, despite them being traditionally a cooling-off period. With Destiny and the new Call of Duty coming out later this year, and E3 this week, can Activision ride high expectations to continued excellence?

How Original Programming Can Save This Company

Yahoo! has been trying to innovate recently in order to stay competitive with Google, but it has only disappointing quarterly earnings to show for it. Can a shift to long-form original programming -- Netflix's kingdom -- be the turning point Marissa Mayer and Yahoo!'s investors are looking for?

Is Pandora Media's Competitive Advantage Eroding?

About a year after Apple announced iTunes Radio, the much touted "Pandora killer" may be coming to Android, a serious challenge to Pandora's market share. Yet despite Apple-caused stock declines, Pandora's stock still climbed, but has its reckoning finally come?

Activision Will Rule 2014

After a better than expected 2013 earnings report led to multi-decade highs for Activision Blizzard's share price, it rolls into 2014 with a slate of highly anticipated games and a stronger financial structure that could make this one of 2014's stocks to watch.

Will News Make Investors Say "Yahoo!"?

At CES 2014, keynote speaker and Yahoo! CEO, Marissa Mayer, spoke about how Yahoo! News Service will try to make news reporting smartphone and tablet-friendly. Yet, with Twitter hot off a successful IPO launch, and Google's built-in advantage of customized news aggregating via Android, how much room does Yahoo! have to maneuver?

What's Driving the Japanese Whiskey Boom?

With a resurgence in global whiskey sales, Japanese whiskey sales have soared, with Suntory brands like Hibiki and Yamakazi winning critical acclaim among some of the toughest to please critics. But is the current resurgence a sign of a healthy industry in the future, or just a fad?

Inside Facebook's Company Town

Already considering itself a campus rather than an office, Facebook is about to add housing to its Menlo Park headquarters, offering workers and non-workers affordable housing in the increasingly expensive city. But will people move in?

Will Activision Win the Next-Gen Game Fight?

As the new consoles come out, Activision is looking to make sures those consoles whir with its games. With a boost in its price target, and a slate of games coming out for both consoles (and the Wii), Activision has big expectations, and it may just meet them.

Judgment Day Has Come for the Console Titans

After months of jawing, miscues, predictions, and convention tours, Sony and Microsoft are ready to release their consoles to the world of investors and gamers. Yet as the final preparations are made, investors would be wise to learn of the mistakes of generations past before going out to grab a piece of the action this holiday season.

Lighting a (Kindle) Fire

With twice the processing power and an innovative customer service option, Amazon's new Kindle Fire HDX will be sure to turn heads -- and prop up Amazon's stature in the tablet industry.

Why This IPO Will Be a #Buy

The demise of Facebook's IPO, and the year long struggle to get it back in line, made investors worried about the future of social media IPOs. But Twitter is learning from Facebook's mistakes, and is making all the preparations needed to make their company a buy.

How a Pretzel Saved a Fast-Food Giant

Wendy's has had a rough, stagnant decade, with flops in new menu items and a re-branding to stay modern. But with the addition of the Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger, Wendy's has a spring in its step and a renewed sense of competition with its two bigger competitors.

This Big Box Store Doesn't Like a Good Economy

Long considered a recession-proof store, WalMart prospered over the last few years offering affordable groceries to lower-income households. But with an improving economy, and a customer base hampered by the recent payroll tax hike, WalMart may soon struggle while Costco and Target grow.

Are China and this Copper Mine a Match Made in Heaven?

For a long time, Latin America was the only place to find enough copper to supply the world's appetite, but with the first shipments leaving Mongolia's Oyu Tolgoi mine and China's growing appetite for copper, will the tides change?

3 Questions for Groupon's New CEO

Groupon had a rare positive 2nd Quarter earnings report, as well as announcing a new CEO in Eric Lefkofsky. With the new CEO comes a potential to turn the page on the poor Andrew Mason era and look towards the future. But first, Mr. Lefkofsky needs to answer a few questions about what direction Groupon needs to go in