Alexander Maxwell

Alexander Maxwell


I am currently a student at the George Washington University majoring in Finance and Business Economics and Public Policy. My investing philosophy: Biotechs, Biotechs, and more biotechs. Biotech is my favorite sector to write about and my favorite sector to invest in.

Recent articles

Will FDA Labelling Be MannKind's Downfall?

While FDA approval may have come wrapped in a pretty box for shareholders, what is inside the box in terms of FDA warnings could be a huge problem for MannKind and Afrezza.

Is There Any Hope for Dendreon?

With large debt and a history of net losses, is it too little too late to turn around Dendreon?

3 Biotech Stocks with Catalysts Incoming: Spectrum, Orexigen, and Avanir

For companies involved in the development of drugs, a PDUFA decision will meaningfully impact their stocks. With this in mind, there are several PDUFA decisions in upcoming months to watch for.

The Race To The Market: Anacor and Valeant

Anacor and Valeant are both developing new drugs for Onychomycosis. Can the both succeed in this niche market?

3 Stocks with FDA Catalysts Incoming

For many companies, FDA decisions represent the hallmark of years of investment. Due to the amount of time and money that was spent developing these drugs, they can also represent significant catalysts for investors.

3 Biotech Stocks with Oncoming Catalysts

For these three companies, trial results will make a big difference.

As Orexigen Faces FDA Will Weight Loss Landscape Change?

As Orexigen once again faces FDA approval, it appears as though the landscape for weight loss drugs may once again change.

The Changing Landscape in Chronic Diabetic Foot Ulcers

After the release of phase 3 data, Osiris Pharmaceuticals has just changed the dynamics of the chronic diabetic foot ulcer market. Other companies will, of course, be affected by Osiris' clinical data.