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Dave Marino-Nachison

Dave Marino-Nachison


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Ann Taylor's Wardrobe Shuffle

The women's clothier turns to its new president to take the CEO's job.

Fortune Brands' Out-of-Office Message

The consumer-brands company will help create a new power in office products.

Cherokee Examines Its Roots

The brand management company signed a Canadian company. Are acquirers watching?

Is Aeropostale's Growth Sustainable?

The teen apparel retailer keeps growing, but the balance sheet poses questions.

The Scent of a Dividend

Inter Parfums is forecasting flat earnings this year, so it has bumped up its dividend to appease investors.

Sony Flashes Apple

The electronics company will take on the iPod Shuffle with its new flash-memory music players.

Companies Rewarded for Good Behavior

Does good corporate governance lead to market outperformance? Let's tell boards it does.

As the Inventory Turns

Gottschalks' Q4 sales disappointed, but the retailer's management remains focused on financial quality.

Timberland's Gotta Split

The company's split-and-buyback news isn't major, but investors shouldn't ignore it.

How Chic Is Chico's?

The retailer's still growing, but its slowing February comps are tough to ignore.

Henry Schein Shines On

Trouble with partner Chiron's full vaccines hasn't stopped Henry Schein's share rise.

Circuit City Unplugs Amazon

Changes in the way people buy online are moving the power back to the shopper.

Be Kohl's, Be Steady

The retailer can't grow like it used to anymore, but it can still grow profits at a good clip.

Featherlite Wafts Upward

Big profit growth in 2004 sent the coach and trailer company's shares skyward last Friday.

Big Lots, Big Questions

Can the closeout retailer get its key sales metrics moving in the right direction again?

Skechers' Double-Knotted Q4

The footwear company improved both its numbers and its investor communications.

Smart & Final's Final Tally

The grocery's full-year results highlight the intense nature of the grocery business.

Knight Ridder's San Francisco Treat

The media giant bought five Northern California free dailies to boost its ad reach.

A&F Sizes Up New Markets

Abercrombie & Fitch's success with Hollister stores bodes well for its long-term growth.

Don't Pity Pitney Bowes

The company's shares have recovered from legal settlement sticker shock.