Matthew Richey

Matthew Richey


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Second Chance on Lone Star

Matt Richey weighs in on Lone Star Steakhouse's roundtrip from $22 to $33 back to $22.

Boring Is Beautiful

There's nothing dull about conservative management and hefty dividends.

The Power of Dividends

It's more than money in your pocket. Dividends create powerful and advantageous incentives.

Bull's Eye Investing

Think we're in a new bull market? Matt Richey says, "Think again."

An Earnings Mirage

Matt Richey shows the danger of overly focusing on trailing-12-month valuations.

Two With Hidden Value

Matt Richey explains why the P/E ratio can obscure a stock's true value.

Be Greedy for Value

"Mini-bubbles" may be popping up, but Matt Richey says there's still value to be found.

6 Investing Lessons Learned

Matt Richey takes a look back at the investment lessons that have most influenced him.

"Charge It!" (on Margin)

Overall stock buying on margin is at its highest level in two years.

Weak-Dollar Medicine

A weaker dollar could lead to export-led job growth -- or greater inflation and higher interest rates.

Consumers Getting Tired

Over the past two days, multiple reports have emerged that show a weak U.S. consumer.

Don't Blame China

The real threat to American jobs isn't the trade deficit with China, but anti-free trade policies.

Gold Takes Center Stage

Stocks aren't the only game in town; sometimes what glitters is gold.

Tech vs. Pharma

Why should Intel carry a P/E twice that of Pfizer?