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Dan Moskowitz

Dan Moskowitz


Dan Moskowitz spends the majority of his time researching stocks. He believes that fundamentals, and logic pertaining to industry trends, win out over the long haul.

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Target Canada

Target's Problems Beyond the Data Breach

Target isn't improving domestically or in Canada, and it's behind the curve in e-commerce. But is there a catch?


Wal-Mart, Costco, and Target: 5 Simple Charts Investors Should See

The five key metric comparisons detailed here provide a very important clue about what to expect from these three retailers going forward.

Sam's Club Rewards

Is Sam's Club a Liability for Wal-Mart?

Sam’s Club hasn’t been performing well recently, but Wal-Mart should win whether Sam’s Club turns itself around or fails. Here’s why.

Wal-Mart: North and South of the Border

You might be familiar with Wal-Mart’s presence in the United States, but what about Mexico and Canada, where growth potential is higher and consumers behave differently? Answers provided.

WMT Facts

Wait! Wal-Mart Is a Top Online Retailer?

When you think of online retail, you probably think of Amazon first. That's logical and accurate, but Wal-Mart is a rising threat.

Target Canada

Target: Beyond the Numbers

Does Target present an investment opportunity right now, or is Wal-Mart or Amazon a better option? You might be surprised by the answer.


Weather, Taxes, and Currency Bruise (don't scar) Wal-Mart

Most investors who know what they’re doing don’t pay much attention to weather, taxes, and currency impacts for big retailers like Wal-Mart, but they should.


What’s Really Going on at Wal-Mart?

Wal-Mart isn’t impressive to investors right now, but the Wal-Mart you know right now isn’t the Wal-Mart you will know in five to 10 years.

Neighborhood Market

Is Wal-Mart a Growth Story?

You might not think of Wal-Mart as a growth story, but if you knew what was taking place behind the scenes, you would better understand this massive retailing juggernaut.


How Is Wal-Mart Performing in Brazil, and Why Does It Matter?

Brazil might not seem like it means much to the biggest retailer in the world, but it’s an important piece to the puzzle.

Best Buy

Best Buy: Right Place, Wrong Time

Best Buy has implemented several initiatives that should have positive long-term impacts, but should future industry trends lead you elsewhere?


RadioShack: Over and Out?

Investors and analysts have shunned RadioShack over the past several quarters for good reason, but could a little-known initiative bring RadioShack back to respectability and drive significant returns for investors?

WMT Facts

3 Ways Wal-Mart Will Increase Shareholder Value

Wal-Mart cares about its shareholders. This is proven by its three priorities to increase shareholder value.

Five Below

Don’t Get Too High on Five Below

Five Below is one of the hottest retailers in existence right now, but long-term success is far from a guarantee.


Great Investment Portfolios Start With Kellogg

While many investors chase high-multiple stocks in a raging bull market, Kellogg slowly plods along delivering consistent returns for investors. The big difference is that when you invest in Kellogg, you don’t have to worry as much about broader market conditions.


You Didn’t “Miss” Michael Kors!

Think you’re too late on Michael Kors? Think again. This extremely popular brand is likely still in its infant growth stages.


TJX Companies: It Really Could Be the Weather

Many retailers use the weather as an excuse for sub-par results. In this case, the weather looks to have had a legitimate impact, which could provide an investment opportunity.


Wendy’s Is on the Right Track

Wendy’s has significant growth potential for several different reasons.


The Key to Urban Outfitters Isn’t Urban Outfitters

Forget the name Urban Outfitters. There are other brands that are true growth drivers for this company, and they’re names you should know.


Lululemon Versus Athleta

Lululemon had a strong hold on the yoga apparel market, but Athleta has been a constant thorn in its side. Is one company likely to outperform the other going forward? If so, which one?