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Despite the Uncertainty of the Federal Budget, Navy Shipbuilding Continues

While many defense project budgets have suffered drastic program reductions, shipbuilding has not been one of them.

Is Our Reliance on This Chinese Import a Threat to National Security?

China provides the U.S. with the majority of its rare earth elements. This monopoly is being challenged, however.

China and Russia Are Cozying up to Venezuela's Oil Industry

The recent move by Rosneft to take control of the Junin 6 block is an overall indicator of Venezuela's preference for state owned oil companies.

Venezuela's Gold Crisis Is Spurring Chinese Investment

With continued sanctions on Iranian oil, China is forced to look elsewhere for this vital resource. Venezuela is also in need of foreign investment since it is in a liquidity crisis.

Rare Earth Metals Are Becoming Rarer

Palladium is running out, and no one knows how much is left -- will American prospects come to the rescue?

Post-Chavez Venezuela Is Still Hostile to American Oil

Venezuela, even without Chavez, is still creating hostile to U.S. oil investment, favoring Russian and Chinese companies instead.

Is Nationalism a Threat to Western Oil Operations?

Kazakhstan is asserting its own national identity over essential foreign investment, and the renewed interest in asserting Kazakh policy over commercial interests is putting this foreign investment at risk.

Vietnam: The Counterbalance to Chinese Oil Expansionism

Vietnamese refinery partnerships with Russia will counterbalance Chinese regional energy investments.

Growing Uncertaintly in the Ukraine Could Impact LNG Deliveries

The Ukraine has always straddled between European and Russian interests. Recent political turmoil could impact delivery of liquid fuels to EU markets.

Why Russia Is Exploring Alternate Trade Routes With China

China's growing need for crude oil is being met by more direct routes to provide profit for Russian oil.

Russian Pipelines Linking up With Chinese Markets

China's growing need for oil is creating an opportunity for Russian oil majors to boost infrastructure.

A New Gateway for Middle East Oil

Turkey is partnering with Iraqi Kurdistan to deliver crude from Northern Iraq.

Can Hydroelectric Power Offset Dwindling Coal Reserves?

A recent forecast of existing coal reserves challenges the energy information administration's forecast of 200 years' worth of reserves. Taking stock of renewable and affordable sources of electrical production will be essential for future planning.

Fracking Won't Be a U.S. Phenomenon for Long

The promise of the shale boom is spreading with the hopes of greater energy independence and profit.

A Shift in Oil Extraction?

Major oil companies are shifting their petroleum extraction from land to sea in the hopes of mitigating risk

China's Search for a Reliable Oil Source

China searches for strategic partnerships and reliable offshore oil sources while balancing national security and regional competitors.

The Philippines After Typhoon Haiyan

An initial economic assessment of the Philippine Islands after Typhoon Haiyan