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Gary Bourgeault

Gary Bourgeault


A former investment adviser, I now invest only for myself. My main area of interest I like to write about is the entertainment sector.

Recent articles

ABC and the Importance of Big Events Like the Oscars

Live special events remain a competitive advantage for broadcasters in a fragmented market.

NBC, the Olympics, and the Value of Live Sports Broadcasting

Live sports broadcasting is among the most consistent and lucrative revenue drivers for TV companies like Disney, Fox, and NBC.

Disney and NBC Lead in Fees, Advertising Revenue

TV revenue growth will continue to be driven by fees, which have now surpassed ad revenue.

Nielsen Pressed to Delay New Hybrid Metric Service

Broadcasters are asking Nielsen to hold off on the implementation of its new local hybrid metric service until its further tested in the marketplace.

Google and AOL Are Getting in Front of Mobile App Growth

Mobile in-app usage should continue to be a major catalyst in the digital advertising segment.

The Changing Social Networking Growth Strategy

What social networking companies Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are doing to boost growth.

21st Century Fox Looks Good Long-term, Not So Much Short-term

Media companies should continue to do well in the years ahead, with Fox probably continuing to lead the way with its focus on sports and its cable channels. and the State of the Retail Industry

Increasing uncertainty in the U.S. economy and retail sector points to continued struggles for companies like Wal-Mart,, and Target.

How Would Aereo's Supreme Court Victory Impact the TV Industry?

A look at the consequences for CBS, Fox, Comcast and DirecTV if the Supreme Court decides in Aereo's favor.

ABC News Is Tapping User-Generated Videos to Report Stories

User-generated videos are becoming a growing part of mature news businesses.

Radio Stocks Are Garnering Interest with New Deals and Services

Potential deals and new services are generating interesting trends in radio stocks.

Comcast Will Get a Boost from NBC

NBC will continue to do well, even in a weak scatter market.

Does Brand Perception Boost Share Price?

A look at the impact of brand perception on the share price of media companies.

Is There Any Growth Ahead for Pay-TV Subscribers?

A look at whether or not recent pay-TV subscriber growth is sustainable.

The Catalysts Behind Soaring Global Box Office Numbers

Companies like Disney, Viacom, and Lionsgate have had increasing success at the international box office. Here is what the industry has discovered to drive those numbers up.

AOL Is Finally Ready to Focus on What Matters

Getting rid of Patch was the right move for AOL, as now the company can focus on the proven revenue generator it already has.

Fox Is Abandoning the Pilot Season Format for the Cable Model

Is 21st Century Fox smart for abandoning the pilot season format, or is it an act of desperation?

Fox Stands Alone in Cable News

Now that Fox News owns cable news, will it result in a boost to shareholders in 21st Century Fox?

Will Hollywood Film Distributors Continue to Play Nice?

A look at the 2014 box office forecast and why it should do well even with fewer proven franchise releases.

Box Office Pricing Power Leads to a Record Year

Box office revenue should continue to climb as the industry maintains its pricing strength.