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Jay Yao

Jay Yao


Jay is an energy and materials writer. He reports on oil and gas fundamentals and macro trends in the industry.

Recent articles

2 Reasons Why Uranium Miners Shouldn't Fear Thorium

Thorium is one of the game-changing technologies of tomorrow. Here's why uranium miners have nothing to fear from thorium yet.

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Plug Power stock is rallying again. Here's one reason it shouldn't be.

This Is the Most Important Metric in the Uranium Industry Right Now

This metric in Japan will likely decide how much extra demand there will be for uranium in the coming years.

Why Potash Corp and Mosaic Have Nothing to Fear From BHP Billiton's $15 Billion Mine

Here's four reasons why Potash Corp and Mosaic have nothing to fear from BHP Billiton's Jansen mine.

What Do Escalating Russian Tensions Mean for BP?

As the U.S. steps up sanctions on more and more Russian companies, relations between Russia and the West have hit a new low. How will the escalating geopolitical situation affect the West's most Russian energy company?

Who's Winning the Corporate Battle of the Year?

As the proxy contest of the year approaches, which side will emerge victorious?

Is Molycorp's Story Coming to an End?

With its cash reserves dwindling, and its stock price falling, are there any more chapters left in the Molycorp story?

Alcoa Inc: Transformation or Mean Reversion?

Is Alcoa's head-scratching rally sustainable?

Plug Power: What Would a Good Quarter Look Like?

With the start of earnings season, what should investors expect from Plug Power's earnings?

Cameco Corp: Has the Long Thesis Changed?

With its economy improving and its population still against nuclear, Japan's reactors are still idle three years after Fukushima. Is the long thesis no longer relevant for Cameco Corp?

1 Dark Horse Postponing Gold's Rally

How the U.S. shale revolution is postponing gold's rally, and when that might change.

Plug Power: A Tale of Two Futures

What the Plug Power optimists and pessimists hope will happen.

3 Reasons Why Long-Term Investors Should Avoid This Energy ETF

Sophisticated securities are good until they're not. Here's a security that long-term investors should avoid.

3 Reasons Why Chinese Solar Stocks Are Still a Buy

The short term may be cloudy, but the long term still looks bright for these Chinese solar companies.

Cliffs Natural Resources: What If Management Wins?

What should we expect from Cliffs Natural Resources stock if management retains control of the board?

3 Reasons Why Solar Isn't the New Subprime

Here's why solar companies won't undergo the same fate as Countrywide Financial.

Cliffs Natural Resources: What If Casablanca Capital Wins?

How much would Cliffs Natural Resources be worth if Casablanca Capital succeeds in capturing control of the board?

U.S. Refiners Squeezed as Government Signals More Crude Exports

Mr. Market is worried that U.S. refiners may see narrower profit margins after a recent Commerce Department ruling gave two companies the go ahead to export ultralight crude oil.

This Stock Is up 140%, but There's Still Room to Run

Argentina's YPF is on a hot streak, and shares are up over 140% in just a year. Here are three reasons why the rally may continue.

3 Problems With the Bear Thesis for SolarCity

Three reasons why the bear thesis for SolarCity may only be relevant in a bear market