Paul Hodgson

Paul Hodgson


Paul Hodgson is a freelance journalist and independent commentator on corporate governance as well as conducting contract work for governance research firm BHJ Partners. He was formerly The Corporate Library’s and then GMI Ratings’ Chief Research Analyst for board and executive compensation, and its most prolific author. Mr. Hodgson has been researching and writing about executive compensation for over 20 years, eight of which were spent in England, where he worked for the Incomes Data Services journal Management Pay Review as researcher and assistant editor. He is a prolific blogger and the author of numerous books and research reports on executive pay and has also had articles published in a number of journals, including ‘Forbes’, ‘Business Week’, ‘Responsible Investor’, ‘Directorship’, ‘Ivey Business Journal’, and ‘Directors and Boards’. Mr. Hodgson is the author of the book Building Value Through Compensation, published by CCH Publishing. He is widely quoted in national print media as an authority on executive compensation, and has appeared on numerous television and radio stations. Google

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If you've ever wondered whether CEO pay should influence your investment decisions, these two homebuilders -- Lennar and Pulte -- are a perfect case study.

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Media CEOs are among the highest paid in the U.S., but it's not because they're better. The industry is.

JPMorgan Shareholders Unhappy About CEO Pay

While a majority of shareholders supported executive pay at the bank, a substantial minority were unhappy with CEO Jamie Dimon's big pay raise in a year when the bank delivered a large amount of bad news.

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Herbalife CEO just sold 250,000 stock options, which brings up a larger question: Should a CEO be forced to retain some of his stock options to keep his interests aligned with that of his company?

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With an impressive array of large shareholders signaling their intention to vote against executive pay at the company, Chipotle may have to change its ways.

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Qualcomm's CEO earned twice as much as the CEO of peer company Cisco Systems, but delivered half the revenues. Shareholders might be left wondering why.

Target Board's Secret Succession Plan: Hire Korn Ferry

Never mind a new CEO, how about a new Target board, as one more boardroom misstep calls into question directors' effectiveness at the retailer.

Coke Bows to Minority Pressure to Amend its Equity Plan

Although Coca-Cola's controversial equity plan passed at the annual meeting last week, it would appear that the company is revisiting it to bring it more in line with shareholder expectations. Exclusive access to two major shareholders and Coke bring new insights to this process.

Why Shareholders Are Unhappy About Domino's and Chipotle Executive Pay

Shareholders at Domino's just voted in large numbers against CEO pay there despite great stock price performance, and it looks like the same fate awaits Chipotle at its annual meeting on May 12.

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It's all over the news today that Marissa Mayer's pay went down in 2013. Well, it depends on how you calculate it. My calculations show take-home pay up by 300%.

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Depending on how you look at it, eBay CEO John Donahoe's pay went down by 53% or up by 114%. Details below.

Steve Wynn’s Salary Takes a Major Hit in Restructured Executive Pay Plan

Pay improvements for Wynn Resorts' CEO Stephen Wynn and other executives come as the company holds only its second Say on Pay vote.

A Lot to Like in Intel’s New Executive Compensation Plan -- But Not Everything

Many of the changes to Intel's executive compensation practices are to be commended, but its performance stock plan still falls short of best practice.

Firing of COO Henrique de Castro Shows Yahoo! Needs to Start Home-growing its Talent

Sometimes new hires don't work out. And sometimes these mistakes are very expensive for shareholders.

For Clear Channel CEO Robert Pittman, Not Just Any Private Jet Will Do

Clear Channel not only guarantees its CEO a jet, it makes sure he gets the best one in the fleet.

The $22.5 Million Question: Was Fifth & Pacific’s CEO Fired or Did He Resign?

Why is it CEOs never just resign? Because that way the golden parachute would stay folded up in the pack.

Time Warner Cable Rejects Latest Charter Bid

Time Warner Cable's board turns out to be as bad as the infamous John Malone/Liberty Media-controlled Charter Communications' board. So much for governance in the cable bidding war.