Paul Hodgson

Paul Hodgson


Paul Hodgson is a freelance journalist and independent commentator on corporate governance as well as conducting contract work for governance research firm BHJ Partners. He was formerly The Corporate Library’s and then GMI Ratings’ Chief Research Analyst for board and executive compensation, and its most prolific author. Mr. Hodgson has been researching and writing about executive compensation for over 20 years, eight of which were spent in England, where he worked for the Incomes Data Services journal Management Pay Review as researcher and assistant editor. He is a prolific blogger and the author of numerous books and research reports on executive pay and has also had articles published in a number of journals, including ‘Forbes’, ‘Business Week’, ‘Responsible Investor’, ‘Directorship’, ‘Ivey Business Journal’, and ‘Directors and Boards’. Mr. Hodgson is the author of the book Building Value Through Compensation, published by CCH Publishing. He is widely quoted in national print media as an authority on executive compensation, and has appeared on numerous television and radio stations. Google

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