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Routers Face Open-Source Threat

Open-source software is spreading like a virus and now threatens router companies.

Coinstar Goes for Change

The coin-cashing company pushes for your change and now your bills, too.

Cray Is Cranking Out the Products

New products due out later this year are likely to boost Cray's sales into 2005.

Upswelling Macromedia

This company can't help but benefit from the trend toward broadband connectivity.

Akamai Hangs Five

The distributed computing company has grown revenue for five straight quarters.

The Allure of Merc Markets

Extreme economic volatility adds to the viability of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

A Monster of a Marketing Plan

Monster Worldwide's massive spending on marketing weighs on earnings.

EDS Earnings an Epitaph?

A customer crisis is weighing heavily on the No. 2 IT contractor.

MySQL Makes Waves

Open-source database software MySQL is grabbing market share from major players.

PeopleSoft's Pandemonium

The hostile takeover attempt by Oracle has created unwanted chaos for PeopleSoft.

Juniper Earnings No Jive

Juniper Networks had a strong quarter, thanks to the modernization of telecom.

Strikes Loom Over SBC

A strike at SBC could send customers and investors scrambling for the exits.

StorageTek's Growth View Misleads

The company's growth isn't going to come from more stringent data storage requirements.

Radio Flyer Sells Out

An American icon loses its identity in moving production to China.

Atkins Boosts Chicken Business

The poultry industry is feeling the squeeze on both ends, but the diet provides relief.

Greenspan Gets People Up in ARMs

The adjustable-rate mortgage debate rages on.

Outsourcing the Valley

Hundreds of thousands of jobs have been lost in Silicon Valley. Is it as bad as it sounds?

eGame Convergence

Big tech companies show off wireless gaming solutions.

The Cost of Terrorism

What does insurers' exposure to terrorism really mean to investors?

Corning Corners LCD Market

Corning is a comeback company in the right place, at the right time.