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Lawrence Meyers


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Bally Totally Unfit: Part 2

In Part 2 of his series on Bally, Lawrence Meyers recounts the company's fall from grace.

Bally Totally Unfit: Part 1

In Part 1 of his series on Bally, Lawrence Meyers recounts the company's rise from unsolid foundations.

Advance America, Half Price!

The payday lender is trading at half its intrinsic value. Time to buy?

Pawnshops? Payday Loans? Paydirt.

Lawrence Meyers' hunt for buried stock market jewels unearths two beauties.

Dueling Fools: Payday Loans Bull

Lawrence Meyers makes the moral argument in favor of payday lending.

Dueling Fools: Payday Loans Bull Rebuttal

Short-term loans to the less-than-credit-worthy are necessary.

Payday Lenders Strike Back

They counter the FDIC's move with a new product. Will it pay off for shareholders?

Investing in Online Gambling

Gambling and investing don't have to be mutually exclusive.

WPT Enterprises Bluffed Out

The takeover offer for WPTE that wasn't.

Good Growth at Weight Watchers

There's the potential for outsize returns in this company.

Show Me the Money

Lawrence Meyers takes a cold, hard look at Cash Systems in part four of his series.

Dick's: Big Hitter or Strikeout?

Lawrence Meyers wants a player. Can Dick's Sporting Goods deliver?

Vail: Reaching New Heights

Lawrence Meyers sets out to find a black diamond in the rough in Part 3 of his series.

Does Great Wolf Lead the Pack?

Lawrence Meyers evaluates the family resort chain.

Ahoy! MarineMax on the Horizon?

Lawrence Meyers sets out to find more buried treasure in Part 2 of his series.

It's All Positive for PPDI

The company continues to pump out the cash flow and rake in business.

Metal Management Crushed

The scrap-metal recycler is crushed by falling steel prices.

Marvel: So Much More

Lawrence Meyers begs to differ with Rick Munarriz's analysis of Marvel.


The numbers aren't good for Build-A-Bear, and one observer isn't too surprised.

Darling Slaughtered

The cattle renderer has its work literally cut out for it.