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Will Teva Pharmaceuticals Overcome Its Patent Cliff Worries?

Teva's expected loss of patent protection on its blockbuster drug Copaxone in 2014 could further hurt the company's already weak drug sales.

AmerisourceBergen: Value Stock That's a Good Growth Stock, Too

AmerisourceBergen is a great growth stock in an industry where growth is usually slow to moderate.

Pfizer: Patent Cliff Worries Not a Major Concern

Pfizer does not face any major loss of patent protection on the drugs it manufactures, and remains a good investment.

Scandal-Ridden JPMorgan Chase Is Still a Decent Investment

JPMorgan's underlying strength will help it overcome the setbacks brought about by its huge legal settlements.

Qualcomm: Higher Smartphone Penetration Will Trump Royalties Decline

The current industry trend of falling smartphone prices and increasing competition in the 4G LTE space might eventually work out in Qualcomm's favor.

Intel: Better Brand Recognition a Boon in the Mobile Chip Battle

Intel's better brand recognition when compared to Qualcomm might soon prove decisive in the hotly-contested smart-devices chipset battle.

No, Facebook Won’t Ever Be Like Google

The criticism about Facebook's decision not to increase ad volumes is unwarranted. The social networking site will continue to thrive even with its relatively low ad volumes.

J.C. Penney: Value Trap or a Good Turnaround Bet?

J.C. Penney is a good turnaround bet, and not a value trap as some investors seem to think.

Why This Aerospace Stock Is Flying High

TransDigm continues to shine in the aerospace industry.

CDW Receives Positive Ratings

CDW continues to shine even as the movement into the cloud gains momentum

Why Outerwall Still Has Plenty of Gas Left in its Tank

Despite Outerwall's recent lowered revenue guidance and concerns about its DVD business, the company's still going strong and likely to continue growing in the near-term and even in the longer-term.

Express Scripts Moves to Exclude Drugs From National Formulary

Although the shift by big companies into private health exchanges has impacted negatively on PBMs such as Express Scripts, leading players in the industry continue to do well.

Sears: Potential Downside Makes Stock a Risky Bet

Sears' bullish investors should consider the potential downside to the bullish Sears' real estate appraisal by Baker Street, and the fair value of the shares.

Amazon Had Better Watch Out

Amazon might face increasingly stiffer competition from firms in its own online retail space, as well as traditional brick-and-mortar stores.