Being a business owner comes with numerous perks. You get to call your own shots, make your own schedule, and reap the benefits directly when revenue starts pouring in. But at some point, you may come to reconsider the notion of owning a business, or owning the specific business your money and mental energy are tied up in. Here are a few telltale signs that it may be time to sell your business.

1. It's no longer profitable

Maybe the market for your product or service has changed since you launched your business. Or maybe the demand is still there, but local competition is driving your costs up and your customers elsewhere. No matter the circumstances, if your business has been struggling of late, you'll need to look at the numbers and see if that venture can remain profitable for the foreseeable future. If it can't, then you're better off selling it rather than racking up loads of debt in an effort to keep a dying operation afloat.

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2. It's no longer fulfilling

Maybe you were passionate about your business idea back when your venture got off the ground. It's natural to have that excitement wane over time, especially as the pressures of running a business take their toll on your time and sanity. But if you find that you've reached the point where you no longer get any sort of enjoyment or satisfaction out of overseeing that venture, then it may be time to find a buyer and pursue something new.

Remember, we spend most of our waking hours working, and while running a business doesn't necessarily have to be fun, it should be fulfilling on some level. If it's not, then you're better off moving on than burning out.

3. There are better opportunities out there

Perhaps you're not experiencing any problems with your business. Customers are coming in, profits are holding steady, and the work isn't too draining or stressful. In the absence of a better opportunity, you might continue coasting along for the foreseeable future. But if an incredible offer lands in your lap with the potential for far more money and career growth, then selling that business might be the way to go. This especially holds true if you feel your business growth has already peaked, and you're basically just chugging along, hoping things don't start to go south.

4. You're ready to retire and have no one to run it

Though working in some capacity during retirement is a great way to fill your days and generate income simultaneously, there's a difference between putting in a few hours a week and continuing to spend the bulk of your time on the job when you're ready to pack it in. And when it comes to owning a business, you usually need to go all in or all out -- there's often not much middle ground. So if you've historically been the driving force behind your business and don't have a family member to take it over, you're better off selling it than watching it go down the tubes or pushing yourself to work harder than you'd like when you're supposed to be enjoying your golden years.

When you've invested time, money, and energy into a business, letting it go can be difficult. But if circumstances dictate that it's time to sell, you're better off pulling the trigger and moving on to bigger and better. You never know what the future might hold, so even if selling isn't ideal in your mind, it could open the door to a host of exciting opportunities that your business just can't provide.