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7 Things Hourly Workers Are Looking for Today

By Maurie Backman - Jun 17, 2019 at 7:19AM

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Employers, consider yourselves informed.

Being an hourly worker can be challenging. When you're paid by the hour and your schedule varies, your income can follow suit, making it difficult to stay on a budget and meet financial goals. But in some cases, getting paid hourly can be beneficial, especially when overtime pay comes into play.

The hourly setup can be beneficial to employers, as well. When you compensate workers by the hour, you lower your risk of paying for time you don't need. But if you're looking to retain your hourly staff or increase it, then it helps to know what those workers are looking for in a job. Financial app Branch did some digging in this regard and found that these are the things hourly employees want the most.

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1. Higher wages

Over 63% of hourly workers are looking for a more generous wage. Given that many hourly workers don't collect steady paychecks, it's understandable. As such, you may want to reevaluate your compensation strategy and see if it makes sense to offer your best hourly employees a more competitive rate.

2. A predictable work schedule

The nature of hourly work is such that it can make for a varied schedule. That can make balancing other commitments and responsibilities more difficult. In fact, 57% of hourly workers crave more scheduling stability. If you're able to accommodate this need, you'll be more likely to retain the hourly workers who offer you the most value.

3. A positive work culture

Many employees place a lot of importance on company culture, and hourly workers are no exception. A good way to retain talent across the board is to establish a workplace culture that's inclusive, collaborative, and supportive. If yours isn't fulfilling these requirements, a major shift is probably in order.

4. Scheduling flexibility

Hourly workers are often expected to be flexible with their time and expect a degree of flexibility from their employers. Being flexible shows your employees that you value and respect them, and that you're eager to make their lives easier. And that's a message you want to be sending.

5. Supportive managers

More than one-third of hourly employees want to work for managers who encourage them to excel and make an effort to help them move their careers forward. If your managers tend to neglect hourly employees or don't offer them the same level of support as they do for their salaried workers, it may be time to roll out some training.

6. Supportive team members

Hourly workers value not just manager support, but support from their peers. You can help in this regard by fostering teamwork on a companywide basis and incentivizing seasoned employees to mentor newer ones.

7. Additional hours of work

Not shockingly, around 24% of hourly workers would like to add hours to their schedules. If you have hourly employees who are eager for a boost in income, try accommodating them to the extent that you can. It may not always be possible given your budget, but you can, at the very least, aim to train current workers to do more before running out to fill certain needs with new hires.

If you have hourly employees on your staff, chances are that they're an integral part of your team. Focus on the things they're looking for, and with any luck, they'll remain loyal.

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