Many people take part-time jobs because they struggle to find full-time work and believe they have no choice. But in plenty of cases, candidates actually want part-time work, as opposed to a full-time job. In fact, jobs website FlexJobs reports that more people today are interested in part-time work than in freelance work. If you've previously shied away from a part-time job, here are a few good reasons to consider one.

1. You're not sure what you want to do with your career

Maybe you recently graduated college and aren't sure which field is suitable for you. Or maybe you've already spent some time in the workforce, but haven't pinpointed your ideal role. Working part time is a great way get exposure to different industries, especially if you can manage a couple of part-time jobs at the same time. And once you figure out what you're meant to do, you can try making that part-time job permanent.

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2. You don't want to overcommit your time

Maybe you're a parent whose children go to school for a limited number of hours each day. Or maybe you have other loved ones who rely on you for care. Working part time is a great way to generate a little income in the face of ongoing obligations. And doing so won't just give you a modest paycheck. FlexJobs reports that working even just a few hours a week can have positive emotional-health benefits.

3. You're still in school

Whether you're in college or are pursuing a graduate degree, you can't afford to take a job that'll detract from your studies. Enter the part-time role. Even if you manage to swing only a few hours each week, it'll give you some extra money for essential bills and leisure alike. And you might pick up some skills that help you academically.

4. You're nearing retirement, or are already there

Many older workers hang on to their jobs because they're not quite ready emotionally or financially to call it quits. But if working 40 hours or more per week is something you feel you can no longer manage, then it pays to consider part-time work. Not only will it allow you to keep earning money, but it could also make for a smoother transition into retirement. Along these lines, it pays to work part time if you're already retired. The extra money is good, but more so than that, having a job to go to could help you avoid getting bored.

5. You want to position yourself for a full-time role

Maybe you don't have the skills needed to get the full-time job you want. Or maybe you've never really held a job before, and are scared to go from that extreme to a full 40 hours or more of weekly employment. In either event, having a part-time job for a bit can help better prepare you to work full time, especially if you're able to gradually increase your hours.

There are plenty of good reasons to work part time, and plenty of companies hiring for part-time positions. So dust off your resume, because the sooner you land that gig, the sooner you get to reap the benefits.