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The Top 10 Changes Employees Would Make at Work If They Were in Charge

By Maurie Backman – Aug 13, 2019 at 8:18AM

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Heads up, managers: Here's some unique insight for you.

Many workers wish they were in charge at the office instead of their bosses. But it's not just the better title and corner office individual contributors are after; many workers say they'd make serious changes if they were to be put in charge. Online resume resource ResumeLab recently conducted a survey that asked employees what change they would make if they were in charge, and here were their most popular answers.

1. Create goals for employees

Workers needs to be motivated, and a good way to do that is to establish specific goals. Having key objectives in place could be instrumental in helping employees assess their own progress and better push for results.

2. Increase employee pay

Every worker wants a fair wage. It pays to review your company's compensation strategy to ensure that employees' salaries align with the going rates in your industry. Otherwise, you risk losing them to better offers.

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3. Foster team bonding

The better employees are able to work together, the more effective and content they're likely to be. It helps to establish common goals for your team that motivate your various players to collaborate and help each other out.

4. Improve the company culture

A positive company culture can lead to better employee satisfaction and retention. It pays to examine your company culture and help foster change if you deem it necessary.

5. Give out employee bonuses

Workers like to be rewarded for a job well done. By dishing out bonuses, you send the message that hard work does indeed pay off.

6. Upgrade workplace technology

Outdated technology can slow workers down and make their jobs needlessly frustrating. If your in-office technology needs a refresh, make the case for allocating some funds toward improving it.

7. Roll out new projects

Nobody wants to feel stuck in a boring job. By rolling out new projects regularly, you'll be doing something to not only keep your employees engaged, but also, benefit the business.

8. Meet with employees more frequently

Many workers struggle to get adequate face time with their managers. The solution here could come in the form of weekly one-on-one meetings. These sit-downs don't have to be long; a mere 15 minutes per employee could do the trick in giving workers a change to express concerns, air grievances, and seek out advice.

9. Hire more staff

If your company is understaffed, it places an undue burden on the people who work for you. Assess your current employee roster, and if you notice that too many people are doing more than one job at a time, make the case for increasing your headcount.

10. Decrease micromanagement

Nobody likes to be micromanaged. If you're guilty of not giving your employees the space to do their jobs, rethink your management approach. By micromanaging, you send the message that you don't trust the people you've hired to do their jobs, and that could make for a very tense, miserable situation.

Now that you know what sort of changes workers would implement if they were to be put in charge, you can take steps to make some of these things happen. Remember, as a manager, it's your job to understand what makes your employees tick and what improvements may be needed to keep them around. Therefore, consider the above points a healthy dose of insight, and act accordingly.

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