Is Shrek really better than Sex? You'd better bet your donkey! DreamWorks Animation (Nasdaq: DWA) saw its stock crumble more than 10% after the newest Shrek installment's tepid opening weekend, but the movie held up pretty well in its second weekend in theaters. Shrek Forever After managed to stave off those New York debutantes from Sex and the City 2 and take first place at the box office once again. analyst Eric Bleeker explains that while Shrek's 39% decline from its first weekend wasn't great -- this was a steeper fall than the first two Shreks experienced -- it also showed that the film is experiencing better word-of-mouth reviews than Shrek the Third. With stiff competition from Disney's (NYSE: DIS) Pixar films, which always place a premium on the utmost quality, DreamWorks has to do better, to ensure its films maintain the "event"-like status that can separate them from the flood of second-tier animated fare.

Was the market too unfair in its beatdown of DreamWorks Animation following Shrek's middling opening weekend? Watch the video to find out!

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