Image source: Broadcom Ltd.

Broadcom Ltd. (NASDAQ:AVGO), a semiconductor giant created by the merger of Avago and Broadcom Corp., will report its fiscal second-quarter results on Thursday. While the merger closed on Feb. 1, the company's first-quarter report included only results from the company's predecessor, Avago. Investors will have a more complete picture of the new company on Thursday, and management should provide details about the progress of the integration, as well as Broadcom's growth opportunities.

On Tuesday, enterprise cloud software vendor Workday (NASDAQ:WDAY) will report its first-quarter numbers. The company continues to grow very quickly as it spends heavily acquiring new customers, and while a loss is expected during the first quarter, Workday anticipates reaching non-GAAP profitability during fiscal 2018. GAAP profits may still be far down the road, but the company is already producing plenty of free cash flow.

Michael Kors Holdings (NYSE:CPRI) will report its fiscal fourth-quarter results on Wednesday, and investors will be looking for a repeat of the company's better-than-expected holiday quarter. Kors has been building out its retail presence, which is helping to drive revenue growth, but declining margins are a real concern. The stock is cheap based on current earnings, but earnings growth may be difficult for the company to achieve.

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