Rite Aid -- Down 53%

Shareholders of retail pharmacy chain Rite Aid would be forgiven for assuming that 2017 was going to be a blissful year. Many thought that the company's pending takeover by Walgreens Boots Alliance's (WBA -0.25%) would finally close, which would reward long-term investors with a $9 share price for their patience.

That proved to be wishful thinking. Walgreens and Rite Aid wound up amending their agreement in late January to account for the store divestitures that would needed to be performed in order to appease regulators. The new takeover price would occur between $6.50 and $7 per share, depending on how many stores had to be let go. Understandably, this news didn't sit well with traders.

Things went from bad to worse over the next few months. An article was published in the New York Post stating that regulators were reaching out to Walgreen's vendors and competitors in an effort to gathering information that could potentially be used in a lawsuit to block the takeover deal. A few weeks later an article surfaced on Reuters stating that the Federal Trade Commission's staff was going to recommend to stop the deal in its tracks.

All of this added uncertainty has heavily impacted the company's share price. Shares are currently trading under $4 each, which represents a sharp discount to the $6.50 minimum buyout price. That hints that Wall Street has no faith in this deal ever going through. If that turns out to be true then Rite Aid will likely have a hard time continuing to compete on its own. That's why this Fool isn't interested in buying shares, even at today's discounted price.