November is here, and it's time to talk turkey. Earnings season is winding down, and the holiday shopping season will start later this month. The weather may finally be cooling down, but a lot of stocks are going to be heating up.

The market never sleeps, and several companies will be generating headlines in the coming weeks. Let's go over some of the days investors will want to make sure to pay attention to this month.

Gal Godot as Wonder Woman holding a shield and sword.

Image source: Warner Bros.

Nov. 2

Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) shares kicked off November with yet another all-time high at Wednesday's open, but Thursday afternoon is when it will have to earn its recent gains. The world's most valuable tech company reports quarterly results, and there's a lot riding on the fresh financials. 

Analysts may not seem to be holding out for much. The $50.8 billion in revenue they're targeting for Apple's fiscal fourth quarter is just 8.4% ahead of where it was a year earlier, but it would actually be the tech bellwether's strongest top-line growth spurt in two years. There should be more octane on the bottom line, as Wall Street pros see earnings per share growing nearly 25% to hit $1.87. 

The iPhone 8 hit the market at the tail end of the quarter, but the real star of the report will be any insight Apple can offer on the iPhone X. Unlike for the iPhone 8 that hit the market with ample supply and arguable demand, folks trying to preorder an iPhone X shortly after the window opened last Friday are facing a five- to six-week wait. Any color Apple can provide on initial demand or where it stands on the supply end will move the stock. 

Nov. 7

Diehard gamers hungry for new consoles will find one next week, when Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) rolls out its Xbox One X. The new platform is compatible with all the earlier Xbox One games and accessories, but it raises the specs bar by offering immersive 4K gaming. Several popular titles will offer exclusive 4K features. 

The Xbox One X will be a clear upgrade, but since it's not an entirely new next-gen platform, it's not going to have the kind of demand that drives up delays and resale prices. There are still plenty of places offering preorders at the regular $499 retail price. 

Nov. 17

Folks wondering when Time Warner's (NYSE:TWX.DL) DC Comics would finally put up a fight against Marvel's success got it earlier this year, when Wonder Woman dominated the box office. It remains this year's second highest grossing movie, perched well above the three Marvel franchise flicks that have hit the big screen. 

Time Warner's next big shot will come in two weeks, when Justice League starts playing at a multiplex near you. Gal Gadot will be back as Wonder Woman, teaming up with other DC Comics legends. Time Warner will want to prove that June's Wonder Woman wasn't a one-time fluke. A blowout showing by Justice League, timed to roll out just ahead of the busy holidays, would do exactly that for Time Warner. 

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