In this segment of the Motley Fool Money radio show, host Chris Hill asks Million Dollar Portfolio's Jason Moser and Matt Argersinger, and Total Income's Ron Gross about the companies they have their eyes on this week and why: mobile payment platform Square (NYSE:SQ), tire maker Titan International (NYSE:TWI), and e-commerce powerhouse MercadoLibre (NASDAQ:MELI).

A full transcript follows the video.

This video was recorded on Nov. 3, 2017.

Chris Hill: Let's get to the stocks on our radar. Jason Moser, you're up first. What are you looking at this week?

Jason Moser: Dipping into the War on Cash basket this earnings season. Square, ticker SQ. Earnings are up for next Friday. These guys are actually performing very well. Not only are they growing a compelling business on the transaction side of the equation, but I like what they're doing in using all of their data to provide small business loans through the Square Capital wing of the business. Last quarter, the loan volumes were 68% there. Jack Dorsey, I think, is dead-set on growing that part of the business. Having worked at a bank and having originated a few small business administration loans, it was like pulling teeth, the process. Really, Square is simplifying that immensely, and I like that. So, I like what the company is doing, I like what they stand for. I love that space. So, I'm really going to be interested to see how their quarter goes and how they see the 2018 year coming.

Hill: Ron Gross, what are you looking at?

Ron Gross: I wish Steve was here, because I'm going back to Titan International, TWI. I've talked about this industrial wheel manufacturer time and time again, but it looks like the cycle might finally have turned. This week's earnings report showed third consecutive quarter of year-over-year growth. Top line was up 21%. All segments up year over year on higher volume. Shares popped 15% on strong guidance for 2018. EBITDA going to increase 50-100% in 2018. Don't let the pop scare you, plenty of upside left.

Hill: Yeah, Steve was ...

Gross: Made fun of me.

Hill: Yeah, made fun of you last time around. Matt Argersinger, what are you looking at this week?

Matt Argersinger: I'm starting to sound like a Homer on this one, but I'm sticking with MercadoLibre, MELI.

Hill: Even with the pop?

Argersinger: Even with the pop. Especially with the pop. The Amazon threat is certainly real, but I think you have real evidence this quarter that MercadoLibre's business has great, sustainable competitive advantages. The investments they're making in shipping, customer loyalty, payments, it's really creating this sticky ecosystem for a lot of their users. Look, you have a $12 billion company that, no matter what, is going to have a significant share of Latin America's e-commerce. It's going to be a much bigger company in the future, no doubt.

Hill: The ticker symbol?

Argersinger: MELI.

Hill: Yeah, it's a good point that they're in first right now, but they don't necessarily have to end up in first. They can be second and still do well.

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