In this segment from Motley Fool Money, host Chris Hill asks senior analysts Jason Moser, Matt Argersinger, and Ron Gross to tell us about the companies they have their eyes on, and why.

Their picks: semiconductor-making machine maker Lam Research (NASDAQ:LRCX), social media player Snap Inc. (NYSE:SNAP), and transport major Delta Air Lines (NYSE:DAL). But as was the case last week, too, not all of these stocks to watch are necessarily ones they view as stocks to buy.

A full transcript follows the video.

This video was recorded on June 29, 2018.

Chris Hill: Let's get to the stocks on our radar. Our man behind the glass, Steve Broido, is going to hit you with a question. Ron Gross, you're up first. What are you looking at this week?

Ron Gross: An interesting one for me, Lam Research, LRCX, leader in the semiconductor industry. They make the machines that make the chips. Really fast-growing company, high margin, recurring revenue, strong return on invested capital and free cash flow. They're returning at least 50% of their free cash flow through buybacks and a growing dividend. The dividend was just increased 120%, which gives you a forward yield of 2.5%. Recent pullback in the stock creates a pretty nice entry point.

Hill: Steve, question about Lam Research?

Steve Broido: Is there any relationship between Intel and AMD here?

Gross: AMD is the biggest competitor, I would say, to Lam Research. Then you have companies like Micron and Taiwan Semiconductor and Intel who are actually clients of the folks that make the machines that make the chips.

Hill: Jason Moser, what are you looking at this week?

Jason Moser: Going with Snap, ticker SNAP. This is not in the good way. I'm thinking investors might want to steer clear of this one for a little while still. Probably saw here recently in the news that Instagram hit 1 billion users, 400 million daily users, which is more than twice of Snap's platform, Snapchat. Instagram is now getting into longform video to compete more with YouTube. I think Instagram is starting to scratch a lot more itches out there.

We talk a lot about the valuation on Snap. If you look at Snap today, now trading at 18.5X sales, Facebook 12.7X, Twitter 13X, the problem is, Snap is still not profitable. You can't give these guys the benefit of the doubt. If you're going to buy this one, wait until they demonstrate some success and buy it on the way out.

Hill: Steve, question about Snap?

Broido: In five years, is Snap still around?

Moser: I have a hard time seeing it, but perhaps they've diversified into some other apps that bring in a little bit more on the user side.

Hill: Matt Argersinger, what are you looking at?

Matt Argersinger: Delta Air Lines, one I've brought up before to you guys. In case you haven't noticed, oil prices are kind of high. Therefore, fuel prices have surged. In fact, fuel prices are up 50% year over year. That was kind of unexpected. Look, it's overshadowing what Delta is doing in terms of passenger revenue, costs per fuel, buying back shares. The stock is below $50 again, you have almost a 2.5% dividend yield. Ticker DAL, Delta Air Lines.

Hill: Steve, question about Delta?

Broido: Do you have a preference when you're flying?

Argersinger: I actually do. I've found my experience on Delta -- maybe I'm biased -- is better than most U.S. airlines that I've experienced.

Hill: Delta Air Lines, Snap, Lam Research. Steve, do you have one you want to add to watchlist?

Broido: I think I'm heading to the sky.

Argersinger: Yay! There we go.

Hill: Do you have a preferred airline, Steve?

Broido: Not really. Southwest is always fun.

Hill: Alright.

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