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Okta Shares Popped Despite a Lack of Profits; Five Below Soared on a Q2 Beat

By Motley Fool Staff – Sep 18, 2018 at 10:01AM

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The cloud security specialist is growing its revenue rapidly, and the discount retailer's profits exceeded expectations.

In this segment from Motley Fool Money, host Chris Hill and senior analysts Andy Cross, Matt Argersinger, and Ron Gross check in on the latest numbers from digital identity management player Okta (OKTA -0.95%) and low-cost merchandise purveyor Five Below (FIVE 0.38%). They -- and the market -- like what they see.

The cloud-based service provider is growing its base of larger clients, and revenue is rising. Meanwhile, the retailer looks to be doing everything right, and its shares are trading at a high premium now because of that.

A full transcript follows the video.

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This video was recorded on Sept. 7, 2018.

Chris Hill: Okta, the cloud security tech company, is not profitable, and Wall Street doesn't seem to mind at all. Shares of Okta up more than 20% on Friday after second quarter revenue came in higher than expected. No earnings, Andy, but the revenue was going in the right direction.

Andy Cross: Right. When you're growing 50% on the billing subscriptions and 57% on the revenue line ... I mean, Okta continues to show why this company that provides software solutions for companies and for enterprises, to help them manage their employee login credentials and security credentials, continues to win. The fact that stood out for me was that clients that generate more than $100,000 in annual recurring revenue was up more than 55% this quarter. That was a record.

They continue to show why they are more meaningful, why this interest in security management, simple logins, scalable solutions, continues to really resonate with the clients they're serving, clients like 20th Century Fox, Cisco, Allergan --

Ron Gross: The Motley Fool.

Cross: -- The Motley Fool, right, Ron. Their retention rates continue to be north of 120% on a dollar basis. Their headcount was up only 27% when revenues were up more than 50%. Continuing good news coming out of Okta, and it's showing in the stock price that it was up about 20% today.

Hill: Shares of discount retailer Five Below up 15% on Friday after second quarter profits came in higher than expected. Ron, same-store sales looked pretty good, too.

Gross: It's a firing-on-all-cylinders moment. This company is really getting it done. Stock's up 95% year to date on incredible growth numbers. Sales of 23%, as you said, comp sales up 2.7%. We saw a great operating income increase of almost 16%. And then, when you layer on the tax benefits that all companies are benefiting from, you have a 50% increase in earnings per share. Really incredible numbers.

Now, do you want to pay 53X for a discount retailer when you could buy Dollar General or Dollar Tree at 14-15X? Well, maybe you do, because these guys are growing much, much faster than those and there's a pretty long runway of growth ahead, with only 700 stores. They think they can get to 2,500.

Hill: Are the stores concentrated in any particular part of the country?

Gross: They're in 33 states now and expanding. California has probably the most, off the top of my head, but they're slowly getting into more and more states.

Andy Cross has no position in any of the stocks mentioned. Chris Hill has no position in any of the stocks mentioned. Ron Gross has no position in any of the stocks mentioned. The Motley Fool owns shares of and recommends Okta. The Motley Fool recommends Five Below. The Motley Fool has a disclosure policy.

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