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What happened

Shares of DexCom (DXCM -0.17%), a diabetes company focused on continuous glucose monitoring, rose 109% in 2018, according to data provided by S&P Global Market Intelligence. Investors can thank a series of positive news releases for the surging share price.

So what

Here's a look back at the key events that helped drive the company's share price higher.

  • In January, DexCom and UnitedHealthcare struck up a pilot program to help people with type 2 diabetes monitor their blood glucose readings in real time.
  • In February, DexCom reported revenue growth of 29% to end 2017.
  • In March, the company won FDA approval for its G6 system. This new device was a landmark approval for the company because it eliminated the need for patients to use finger-stick testing and was also approved for use with automated insulin dosing systems.
  • In May, the company reported 30% revenue growth, which was an acceleration over the previous period.
  • In June, Medicare announced an update to its reimbursement policy that would enable patients to check their readings on iOS and Android devices.
  • In June, DexCom won approval for its G6 system in Europe.
  • In August, the company acquired TypeZero Technologies, which is a company that offers personalized diabetes management solutions.
  • In August, DexCom reported revenue growth of 42%, which represented another quarterly acceleration. 
  • In October, the company announced that Medicare patients could gain access to the new G6 system in early 2019.
  • In November, DexCom and Verity -- which is a subsidiary of Alphabet -- amended their collaboration agreement. The deal called for DexCom to issue $250 million worth of stock to Alphabet with the potential for more if certain milestones are met.
  • In November, the company reported third-quarter revenue growth of 44%, which once again outpaced its prior quarter's growth rate.

Overall, the news from the company was very positive throughout the year, so it isn't hard to figure out why shareholders made out like bandits.

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Now what

I had high-hopes for DexCom in 2018, so it is great to see that the company exceeded my expectations on all fronts. With the worldwide G6 rollout under way and Medicare now fully on board, I think that 2019 will be a good year for the company, too.

Management recently shared guidance with investors that calls for revenue growth of approximately 15% to 20% over 2018. Given the company's history of blasting past guidance, I won't be too surprised to see it exceed that target.