Each week, Industry Focus: Financials host Jason Moser and Fool.com contributor Matt Frankel, CFP, discuss a stock they're watching now. Watch this clip to find out why beaten-down tech giant Apple (AAPL -1.10%) is on Moser's radar, and why Frankel has his eye on Axos Financial (AX 0.02%) ahead of its earnings.

Check out the latest Apple and Axos Financial earnings call transcripts.

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This video was recorded on Jan. 28, 2019.

Jason Moser: Before we wrap things up here, Matt, let's get to One to Watch. Earnings season really kicking in now here, shouldn't be very hard to find something to keep on your radar for the coming week. What's your One to Watch?

Matt Frankel: Now that the big banks have already reported, I'm looking at a smaller one, Axos Financial, AX, which a lot of our listeners know better as BofI or Bank of Internet. They report tomorrow. Their stock has really underperformed the sector recently. A lot of questions about whether they're going to be able to maintain profitability and all their competitive advantages going forward. I'm looking at their earnings report to see how they're doing growth-wise, what their plans coming up are. I know they've made a few big acquisitions like a Nationwide financials deposit portfolio, and how they're planning on implementing that. It's going to be a really interesting earnings report to watch because the stock has gotten so much cheaper lately.

I'm a shareholder and I wouldn't be opposed to adding more if I get some really good growth figures from the company when I see it tomorrow. So, that's what I'm watching this week.

Moser: OK, and what's the ticker?

Frankel: AX.

Moser: All righty. Well, I'm going to be focusing on a little company called Apple, AAPL. Apple earnings are also out tomorrow, Tuesday, after the market closes. With all of the noise about iPhones and missing iPhone targets and whatnot, it seems to me to be missing the mark a little bit. Listen, as iPhones get better, they should last longer, so I'm not sure what everybody is so upset about this for.

I think that with a company that's focusing on moving more toward services revenue, one of those avenues, one of those drivers, is going to be Apple Pay. I'd love to hear more about Apple Pay on the call. My hope is that going forward, we will hear more about Apple Pay, particularly as we see this move toward cashless gaining traction. That's going to be what I'm focusing on with Apple earnings tomorrow.