2019 has been a pretty darn good year for the stock market.

The S&P 500 is up over 25% year-to-date, and investors everywhere have likely seen a bump in their retirement and brokerage accounts. 

While those returns are good, investors that scooped up shares of some of the year's hottest stocks did even better. Some investors saw their portfolios soar thanks to stocks like:

  • Docusign (up 80% YTD)
  • MercadoLibre (up 95% YTD)
  • The Trade Desk (up 115% YTD)

These are some of the best performers in the market this year, and they're also stocks our analysts have been big fans of before 2019. Our team is happy to see their picks do well, but they also have some new companies they think could break out in 2020.

So today they're live on our YouTube channel talking about their favorite stocks for the new year!