What happened

Bloom Energy (NYSE:BE), a maker of fuel cell boxes that generate renewable electric power on site, is seeing its stock explode in the days leading up to earnings. After climbing 9.6% through Monday's closing bell, the stock is up another 10% today, hitting $9.50 per share as of 11:48 a.m. EST, and before earnings come out.  

But we still don't know when those earnings will come out.

Bloom Energy boxes outside Yahoo headquarters

Bloom Energy boxes. Image source: Bloom Energy.

So what

Bloom Energy reported Q4 2018 earnings on Feb. 6, 2019, so it stands to reason that Q4 2019 earnings should therefore come out in a couple of days. But the company hasn't announced an official earnings release date yet, so investors have to guess as to precisely when the news might come out.  

Now what

That being said, while investors may not know precisely when Bloom will release earnings, at least some of them think they know what Bloom will say when it does. According to estimates collated by Yahoo! Finance, analysts are forecasting that Bloom will report 25% revenue growth in Q4 ($267.8 million), and a profit of $0.01 per share.

It's this potential for a profit at Bloom (which has never reported a profitable quarter before) that might be the reason for investor optimism ahead of earnings -- whenever they may arrive. But if that's the case, prepare to be disappointed.

Yahoo!, you see, may be predicting a $0.01 per share profit, but according to more detailed projection data found on S&P Global Market Intelligence, the profit in question will be pro forma only. On a GAAP basis, analysts are forecasting that Bloom will lose $0.30 per share.

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