Starbucks (SBUX 0.26%) is for lovers?

The coffee chain wants its customers to celebrate Valentine's Day at its cafes the day before the actual holiday. It's offering a Happy Hour event on Feb. 13 designed for couples (or any two people who both like coffee).

From 2-7 p.m. on the Thursday before the big day, customers can get buy one, get one free on any of its store-made drinks in size grande (medium) or larger. The company frequently runs this sort of promotion though sometimes it only applies to some types of beverages.

A graphic showing Starbucks Happy Hour.

Starbucks is throwning a Happy Hour promotion on Feb. 13.

Holidays are huge for Starbucks

As a company selling affordable indulgence, Starbucks does well on occasions where consumers feel entitled to treat themselves. The cafe chain plans to capitalize on that during the lead up to and through Valentine's Day with some special merchandise and snacks:

  • Pink Heart Cluster Cup
  • Ceramic Mug with Confetti
  • Limited edition Valentine's Day gift cards.
  • Limited-time offer e-gift cards
  • Red velvet cake loaf
  • White Chocolate Cookies sprinkled with candy hearts

What's not on the announced list is a beverage that's special for the holiday. Starbucks could surprise its customers with an unannounced limited time offer or it may just stick with its current seasonal lineup. 

Love and coffee?

Offering a Happy Hour on Feb. 13 makes sense. People likely have bigger plans on the holiday itself but buying someone you love (or just like) a coffee is a nice romantic gesture. This isn't a major move by Starbucks but it's a smart strategy to capitalize on love's big day.