Domino's (DPZ 0.42%) has been a leader in the fast-food industry when it comes to using technology to make ordering for delivery easy and convenient, but its new Pie Pass technology aims to make picking up pizzas faster than ever.

When a customer uses Pie Pass, store team members will be alerted when they arrive, and an in-store digital display will welcome them by name. And the order will be ready to go when the customer enters the store. 

The new service takes the "order online and pick-up in-store" model a little further. Domino's refers to it as "rolling out the red carpet for carryout customers."  

A Domino's employee hands an order to a customer.

Image source: Domino's.

Beating the competition with technology

"Gone are the days of waiting for your carryout order," said Domino's chief innovation officer Dennis Maloney. "Now when customers arrive at the store, they'll be greeted by name on our digital signage and handed their order. It's the ultimate VIP carryout experience where customers don't have to be a regular customer to be treated like one." 

Domino's says Pie Pass will be offered to all customers who order online or via the app. 

Domino's stock has delivered spectacular returns for investors, with the stock nearly tripling in value over the last five years. The investment in technology explains why Domino's has delivered consistent comparable-store sales growth over the last decade, during a period when many brick-and-mortar operations haven't been so fortunate. Domino's says that more than half of its 2018 global sales came via digital channels.