Those who wish to binge-watch only the most popular content on Netflix (NFLX 1.73%) have reason to rejoice today. In a company blog post, Netflix announced that it's adding new rows to the Netflix home screen. These rows, updated daily based on user engagement, display the overall top-ten most popular content, in addition to rows specific to movies and shows. Until now, knowing what was most popular on the streaming giant's platform was somewhat of a mystery.

In addition to displaying these top-ten lists, Netflix also stated that top-ten content will receive a top-ten badge, identifying the popular programming wherever you find it on the platform.

Examples of content with top ten badge on Netflix.

Image source: Netflix.

A data-driven company

Netflix began producing original content in 2013, and user data (like what is being watched and for how long) proved most helpful. This data drives its content media strategy, and its unique user insight partially explains how it's been so successful in creating quality content. The company received more Oscar nominations than any traditional Hollywood producer this year.

Netflix has thousands of hours of original programming now on its platform and, left uncurated, finding relevant content could be overwhelming to the average user. To solve this problem, Netflix developed an algorithm to provide personalized suggestions on what programming to watch. Once again, the company knows its users, and knows what they are most likely to want to watch.

The top-ten lists are the latest instance of Netflix curating its content to make viewing simpler. The company stated that it began testing these lists in Mexico and the United Kingdom over six months ago. Apparently, it now has enough test data to determine that these lists will help all 167 million of its global subscribers.